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Daniel Dawkins

Daniel Dawkins is an author who specialises in writing about online casinos. This type of work is more than a job for Dan, who is a passionate casino player himself and has extensive experience playing on many different websites. While he is primarily a writer, Daniel invests a lot of time into research and personally tests every online casino that is the subject of his evaluation. His role combines that of an expert player, industry analyst, and online journalist. Dan’s articles about casino sites are intended to be informative above anything else, and he avoids flashy headlines and hyped up intros in favour of bullet lists and inserted links.

Dan's Background:

Born and raised in Brighton, England, Daniel always had an interest in storytelling and reporting of the facts. His studies of Journalism at the University of Sussex brought him one step closer to fulfilling this dream and gave him the skills needed to succeed in this business. After graduating in 2011, he started following technology and gaming news very intensely, looking for an angle that would fit his profile.

After a chance meeting with future partner Nick Harris at the ICE 2015 event in London, Dan clearly understood what shape his future career will take. The duo founded a new gambling website named and started creating content for the casino and sports betting niche. In addition to his professional interests, Dan loves to travel and is an amateur photographer.

Daniel's Role on the Site:

In short, Daniel has the responsibility to produce content relating to casino gaming, including About us articles, website reviews, evaluations of bonus offers, etc. He is exclusively focused on casino games, while Nick takes care of the content related to sports betting. Together, we review casinos and provide advice to players with personalised answers to their questions. With this in mind, Daniel’s duties consist mostly of research, writing, and direct interaction with the readers.

Why Focus on Non GamStop Casinos?

The decision to write about non GamStop casino brands may look peculiar at first, but there is a very good explanation for this approach. The following reasons impacted Dan’s choice to specialise in this type of online casinos.

  • Alternative Options for Self-Excluded Players
    Players who can’t participate in casino games on UK-based casino sites due to self-exclusion tend to look outside of the closed circle of GamStop providers. Dan believes these players deserve to have access to accurate information like anyone else, and invests a lot of time to discover, test, and recommend alternative options for them.
  • Broader Range of Choices
    To put it simply, having more choice is always a benefit. By writing reviews of Non GamStop websites, Daniel opens new possibilities for UK players and helps them to recognise great value propositions. This is especially important for newly launched websites that are not yet broadly known in Britain, as well as for providers that have lucrative, time-limited promotions.
  • International Access
    Online casinos that are not a part of GamStop can usually be accessed both from inside the UK and from abroad. That’s not the case with all locally-based sites, and for many users who travel a lot represents the only viable option to keep playing when they are not at home. International players can benefit from Dan’s reviews as well.
  • Promotion of Responsible Gambling
    Self-exclusion through GamStop is not the only responsible gambling mechanism, and in fact it may be one of the most restrictive and least motivational ones. By contrast, most non-GamStop websites have responsible gambling tools that depend directly on the player’s willingness to admit the problem and take action to correct it.

Featured Articles and Content by Daniel

Dan’s portfolio of gambling articles is deep and diverse. Here are some of his most successful pieces published over the previous several years.

Contact Information:

Dan loves to stay in touch with his readers and collect their feedback. If you would like to ask a question or discuss any topic related to online gambling, don’t hesitate to contact the author using an e-mail or web contact form. You’ll find the valid contact data by this link.


Who writes the casino reviews on this site?

As we previously explained, Dan and Nick have a clear division of labour. Dan is in charge of writing all the casino reviews, as well as answering user comments and questions about the selected casino brands. This is indicated by the by-line that accompanies each of the casino reviews posted on the website.

What qualifications does your author have?

The author studied journalism at the university and has a degree that proves his expertise in this field. His knowledge of the gambling industry was honed over the years, combining information from multiple sources and personal experience playing casino games.

How do you ensure the accuracy of your reviews?

A well-structured review process is applied every time when Dan tries to evaluate a new website. The methodology consists of multiple stages, starting with background research about the brand and hands-on testing of the available games and payment methods. Finally, opinions of the existing users are taken into account.

Can readers contact Daniel Dawkins for questions or suggestions?

Yes, Daniel is always happy to hear from his readers. Anyone with an interest in online gambling should feel free to ask a question, suggest a casino site to be reviewed, or just drop a message. Not all suggestions may be accepted, but at the very least they will be seriously considered.

Does Dan have experience with playing at online casinos?

It goes without saying that Dan has a few personal (and not just professional) reasons to research online casinos on a regular basis. He started playing games of chance during his student days, and he still likes to spin the reels from time to time.

How often are the casino reviews updated?

All casino reviews posted on the Non GamStop Betting website are frequently updated to reflect the latest changes. The interval between edits may vary from one case to another, but it’s generally not longer than one week. That means all the information you can find within the reviews is highly likely to be accurate.

What is his favourite casino?

Just like any other gambling enthusiast, Daniel has a specific casino where he enjoys playing the most. That’s Rolleto Casino, which is registered in Curacao and accepts players from the UK – even those that are currently blocked by GamStop.