Nick Harris

Nick Harris is a famous sports betting writer who promotes responsible gambling. He has been in the online betting world long enough to know everything about it. Nick reviews betting sites for GamStop punters and provides readers with help and advice on how to have a safe betting experience.

Welcome everyone! I’m Nick Harris, a successful sports betting writer and expert. I want to introduce myself to all our readers. This page will teach you more about my key principles and betting philosophy. Let’s get to know my role on our website and what I believe in as an experienced punter & gambler. Only in this article, learn more about my background, content, and approach to responsible gambling.

Author’s Background

  • Over a decade of experience in sports betting and gambling.
  • I have been in the online betting world for over a decade and know everything about it. I have learned from studying numbers and stats and watching how people bet.

  • Holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics & Statistics from the University of Bristol.
  • In 2010, I graduated from the University of Bristol. I am pleased to say that I excel in mathematics and statistics, which are essential for online betting.

  • Before joining, I worked as a freelance sports betting consultant.
  • I provided advice and betting strategies to individuals to help them improve their outcomes. Before this gig, I had already been analysing sports events, players, teams, and markets to come up with accurate and detailed information for my clients.

  • Completed industry-specific courses on responsible gambling and risk assessment.
  • I took courses on responsible gambling tools and principles, data analysis, and more. I gained a lot of knowledge from these courses. Thus, I can now successfully promote responsible gambling and manage potential risks.

  • Visited all major iGaming conferences since 2015.
  • I have attended multiple prestigious events and conferences in the past years. Some include the CasinBeats Summit, SIGMA, ICE London, and IGB Live!

  • Enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and cycling.
  • I know how to maintain a good work-life balance. I care for my body and soul and connect with nature in various ways. Cycling and hiking are my favourite sports. They help me relax, be more creative, and better connect with others.

Author’s Role on the Site

I am an essential member of our team. I interact with readers and write on various topics, so if you want more information about us, I can help. Here are some of my responsibilities:

  • Content creation
  • I write all of the articles on the website. They explain how to manage your money while betting online, as well as how to read through betting data.

  • Providing educational resources for site visitors
  • I teach you how to manage your money and make smarter betting decisions.

  • Interaction and engagement
  • I gladly interact with you, the reader. I respond to your queries and converse with you. If you want assistance or guidance, I am always available.

  • Responding to reader queries
  • If you’re unsure about how to manage your betting money or how certain betting systems function, I will explain all about it.

  • Emphasising the importance of responsible gambling
  • As the author, I encourage you to gamble wisely. My advice for you is to decide how much money you can spend on betting and stick to that budget. And if you ever need assistance, ask for it.

Nick Harris’s Betting Philosophy

My betting philosophy and content centre upon responsible gambling. I want to teach readers how to enjoy online betting and potentially get a good profit from it. Among my primary principles you will find:

  • Responsible gambling and strategic decision-making
  • As the author, I always emphasise the need to control one’s gambling tendencies. My philosophy is reflected in how we rate betting sites. I look for betting-responsible sites and try to keep players safe.

  • Setting realistic limits and sticking to them
  • According to my personal philosophy, setting boundaries on how much you can invest and how much you can afford to lose is critical. Also, you should keep note of how frequently you bet online.

  • Believes in making well-researched and calculated betting choices
  • Before placing a wager, I recommend checking the odds, analytics, and how much you may win.

  • Promotes a balance between entertainment and profitability
  • While profits are important in online betting, pleasure should not be overlooked. That’s why I always recommend balance. Betting sites providing a wide range of betting choices and markets receive better scores.

Contact Information

You can reach out to me in various ways, including:

You can contact me or Daniel Dawkins through any of the channels I provided above. All of your comments and feedback are highly appreciated. Whether you need help or guidance or need to share some remarks, I am available to help at any time.


Who is the author of the site?

The main author of the site is Nick Harris! He has over ten years of experience in online betting and helps punters have a safe and positive betting experience.

What is the author’s role on the site?

The author has multiple roles on this site. He writes articles, blogs, reviews, etc., interacts with readers, responds to their questions and offers them help and guidance whenever needed.

Can I contact Nick Harris?

Yes, contacting Nick is easy, as he is available via multiple channels. If you cannot reach him via email, you can try the contact form or the mailing address we provide above.

What types of content does he create?

Nick Harris creates all of the articles you see on our website. He covers multiple topics all related to Sports betting. His content is informative, educational, and meant to help players make informed decisions.

What is the author’s approach to responsible betting?

The author encourages sports bettors to set a budget and limits and stick to them religiously. He believes that there must be a balance between profit and entertainment. He’s all about responsible gambling and advises players to research before making betting choices.

What is his favourite betting site?

Nick Harris’ favourite betting site is MyStake. If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to contact the author via one of the options above.