Betting Sites Not on GamCare

betting sites not on gamcare

In the UK, GamCare is one of the leading organisations supporting individuals with gambling issues. Still, many punters want to investigate betting operators not covered by GamCare and our industry expert team is here to help. All the bookies not affiliated with GamCare we gathered in this article open their doors for self-restricted British gamblers.

In this guide, we’ll explore betting sites without GamCare while providing an in-depth look at what makes a good gambling website. We’ll also include some of the top choices, including key features of each platform. We’ll also discuss alternatives, provide a walkthrough to get started, and much more.

List of Betting Sites Not On GamCare

4 Things We Check in Sports Betting Sites Not On GamCare

There are essential things to consider when performing an analysis of betting platforms that aren’t on GamCare. Our team knows that they must be checked from a different angle.

An online casino is a mixture of different features, from games to customer service. This is why everything has to be reviewed separately to provide a more accurate depiction of the whole. Below is an overview of some points we consider when reviewing these gambling platforms.

High-Quality Betting Section

It goes without saying that online casinos not on GamCare should provide high-quality betting. It should be equal, if not higher, than their counterparts. This encompasses many other factors we’re checking when reviewing online bookmakers.

We analyse the sportsbook and games’ quality, variety and style. We also check that the wagering isn’t restrictive, that the experience flows seamlessly and is straightforward.

Cooperate With Gambling Regulator

The fact that UK authorities don’t regulate these offshore betting sites doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be under the sphere of other suitable regulators worldwide. Luckily, most such sites operate within the jurisdiction of other top regulating bodies, such as the MGA or Curaçao.

This partnership is crucial because it means they’re audited to comply with industry standards regarding safety, fairness and trustworthiness.

Generous Bonus Betting Offers

What is a good bonus? Naturally, it must offer value to players, but sometimes, it can be deceiving. For instance, a welcome bonus might have restrictions that make it more like a marketing scheme than a bonus.

We check that bonuses are both generous and fair, and are open to win over real money. We do this by reading the offers fine print and betting with bonus funds.

Various Betting Options Available

When checking any online bookie, we dive deep to discover if its sports section is varied and caters to all kinds of punters. We also consider if they offer UK-favourite sports and what are the odds and betting types.

We also look at the interface and if the live events section is easy to follow for checking out real-time events.

Betting Not On GamCare: Main Features

What is it that sets GamCare-free betting websites apart from their counterparts? Are there distinctive qualities, or is it just a matter of jurisdiction? These are some of the most common doubts when people want to try non-UK based gambling sites. We analysed these questions and discovered some key features of such sites. Here’s our analysis:

Credit Cards Usually Accepted

As a UK player, you probably understand the importance of finding online bookmakers that allow credit cards. Because of regulations, that’s impossible for UK-based platforms, but offshore ones have no such restrictions.

If you prefer using your credit card for gambling, these platforms are, undoubtedly, the way to go. They usually take Visa and MasterCard, among other options such as AMEX.

No Need For Long Verification

If you prefer betting sites that don’t need verification, you should consider these gambling outlets, too. The registration process will ask for minimal information and is usually done in a few minutes.

Most don’t require further verification, so you can start playing and winning money right after registering and making an initial deposit.

You Can Place Bets Anonymously

Because you’re not under UK jurisdiction, the organisations that adhere to UKGC aren’t monitoring your gambling activities. It allows you to play without any limitations.

If you want to enhance your privacy, you can also opt for transacting with cryptocurrencies. This way, you won’t hand over personal details such as bank transfer or credit card numbers.

Not Authorised in the UK

These betting sites not registered in the UK won’t offer the same features as UK ones. This can be good or bad, depending on your point of view.

However, if you’re used to the features and legalities of UK sites, opting for something different might put you at a disadvantage.

Could Cause Problem Gambling Issues

UK residents enrolled in gambling support programs can be at risk using these websites. It can raise serious issues in an economy where some people gamble to pay bills instead of having fun.

Still, many platforms offer some kind of responsible gambling scheme, including self-exclusion or gambling limits.

Most Of Bookies Regulated By Curacao

Our analysis revealed that many of these platforms are regulated by Curacao. Betting sites licensed by Curacao need to comply with their local standards, and they differ in some aspects from the UKGC’s.

While they offer protection for all players, gambling providers might take certain liberties that aren’t allowed in the UK.

Alternatives to Non GamCare UK betting Sites

GamCare is one of the most popular organisations for people with gambling issues in the UK, but it’s not the only one. Sports betting websites not on GamCare aren’t the only ones people seek when exploring other options. Below, you’ll find different considerations regarding betting websites and specific organisations other than GamCare.

  • Non GamStop Betting Sites
  • GamStop is an organisation that allows you to exclude yourself from gambling platforms altogether. And because it falls under UKGC jurisdiction, it prevents people from joining UK-based gambling websites.

    Offshore websites not on GamStop, however, can be accessed and allow extra features like credit card payments. We recommend you check out FreshBet if you want to try a good platform.

  • Online Sportsbooks Not On Gamban
  • Gamban is an app that prevents you from using gambling sites. However, some gambling sites are outside the scope of Gamban, and you won’t have any issues accessing them. MyStake and Hustles are two good examples of this.

    Again, because of not being under UK jurisdiction, they allow for features such as credit card payments and sometimes higher wagering limits.

  • Online Sportsbooks Not On BetStop
  • If you’re in Australia, BetStop is the local organisation helping people with gambling issues. Because it’s a new service, many platforms aren’t registered yet. Some of these include GoldenBet and Rolletto.

    The same applies in the UK: because they aren’t registered with this organisation, they offer unrestricted access to gambling. Besides top-notch sports betting, they have more flexibility in offerings such as bonuses.

Popular Locations of Non GamCare Bookies

When performing our investigation of sportsbooks not on Gamcare, we noticed that there are some regions where UK players tend to enjoy their sports betting offerings more. However, this doesn’t mean they’re the only jurisdictions where UK gamblers bet.

These areas are somewhat logical choices for UK players because of affinity, high-security standards, and other features. They are:

  • EU Betting Sites
  • The first choice for UK players is EU-based betting websites. They work under robust monitoring and secure legislation, and the fact that many UK gamblers enjoy them accompanies the explosive rise in gambling in the European Union.

    This growth will undoubtedly lead to more platforms, better offerings, and more UK players migrating to these gambling outlets.

  • USA Betting Sites For UK
  • Perhaps because of cultural affinity, many UK players place their bets in the USA. Many platforms are geared towards popular US sports and leagues such as the NFL, NHL and NBA, making them an excellent choice for fans of such options.

    However, they’re not just about what’s popular in the USA. You’ll find top football leagues worldwide, horse racing, and all kinds of other sports.

  • Malta Betting Companies
  • The island nation of Malta is a solid iGaming hub, with many providers and game developers located there and supervised by the Malta Gaming Authority, one of the most important international regulating bodies.

    With a vast number of Malta-based choices, it’s no wonder many UK gamblers flock to these platforms. They are safe and usually offer many international betting choices.

Bet Offers at Betting Sites Outside GamCare

Many gamblers have one thing on their mind before joining a bookmaker: Bonuses. Luckily, sportsbooks not under GamCare offer plenty of promotions for new and recurrent players.

However, not all promotions are the same. Understanding the differences can help you choose the ones best suited for you. Here’s an overview of the most common ones:

Free Bet Offers

Many bookmakers offer a free bet scheme. It’s usually a 3 +1 promotion, meaning you get one for free for every three bets you make. FreshBet is a platform with such an offering.

Deposit Offers

These are typically deposit match bonuses, as is the case with MyStake. For instance, a 100% match bonus means you get a bonus equal to your deposit.

Extra Bet Offers

There are other special promotions. They include event-specific ones, such as boosting the odds for a match. A platform that usually offers this type of bonus is God Odds. It’s important to check the platforms regularly for these features.

Non GamCare Betting Sites: FAQ

What are betting sites not on GamCare?

These are websites not under the scope of the GamCare organisation and the UK Gambling Commision. This means even though they can cater to UK players, they do not have to follow the same rules. Not having to be on Gamcare is one example.. Because these gambling sites are licensed outside the UK, for example in Malta, they can also offer features such as credit card payments to UK players.

What is the best betting site that isn't included on Gamcare?

Deciding on the best betting site is difficult because personal preferences are involved. For example, some people consider the user interface the most important factor, whereas focusing on exotic sports makes it a top platform for others. Based on our criteria, any of the five reviewed platforms can be considered the best. They offer something for everyone.

How do betting sites not on GamCare differ from those on GamCare?

Sites on and off GamCare are similar in allowing gamblers to place bets on sports. You won’t find mind-blowing differences because they cater to the same general audience. However, non-GamCare sites are generally allowed to offer more features. Credit card payments, higher wagering limits and easy registration processes being some of them.

Is the betting site safe without GamCare?

Yes, if you choose platforms with valid licences with world-renowned bodies such as the MGA, Curaçao, Gibraltar and others recommended by our team. They, too, need to pass strict checks to obtain and maintain their licences. What you should avoid, however, are unlicensed sites. While not every one of them is dangerous, you have no one to complain if things go wrong.

What should I consider when choosing a betting site not on GamCare?

When using non-GamCare sites, consider first if they hold a valid licence. Then, explore the websites using our recommendations lists to find a suitable one. What “suitable” means depends on you. A good assessment can include the variety of betting choices, bet types and good odds. Bonuses and bonus conditions also are a must to check before wagering on real money.

Where can I find bookmakers without Gamcare?

The best way is to check websites on our lists, as they are safe and offer a good experience. Other than that, you can google them. You should check if the casino holds a UKGC licence. If they do, then they’re under GamCare. That means everything else is free from GamCare, but again, the chosen site must be properly licensed anyway.

Are there any restrictions or limitations for players on betting sites not on GamCare?

If you’re enrolled in GamCare or any other UK-based organisation, you won’t experience any limits imposed by these casinos. However, because top sites are licensed abroad, they adhere to their jurisdictions’ limitations. These can include wagering or withdrawal limits. If you need to impose limits, many of these bookmakers offer in-house responsible gambling tools such as self-exclusion. Gamble responsibly and sick help if needed.