Barclays Gambling Block

barclays gambling block

Barclays is a well-known British universal bank headquartered in London that allows its customers to restrict gambling-related transactions. The Barclays Gambling block is a great feature designed to help users manage their funds and spending and minimise the risk of gambling harm and addiction.

If you have an account at Barclays and want to take a break from online gambling, then this blocking feature will surely come in handy. In today’s review, we will discuss the gambling block to teach you what it is and how you can activate it on your account. We will also dive into its positive sides and share with you some alternative options. Stay on this page for more details.

The Barclays Gambling Block: What Is It?

The Barclays blocking feature allows users to prevent transactions that are related to gambling on their accounts. Using this feature, you can block casino gambling, sports betting, lottery purchases, and any type of online and in-person bets. So not only can Barclays block gambling, but it gives you the opportunity to gain control of your money and keep your gambling habits in control. Once you activate the block, you will no longer be able to make transactions at online casinos and sportsbooks. This is one of Barclays’ responsible gambling tools and practices, and it’s a big help for customers as it supports their well-being. The feature can be activated and deactivated quickly and easily. You can do it via the mobile application or contact customer support and ask them to do it for you. Let us share more information about the Barclays gambling block in the sections below.

Feature Description
Name Barclays Gambling Block
Functionality Prevents Gambling-Related Transactions
Activation Mobile App / Customer Support
Deactivation Mobile App / Customer Support
Additional Controls No
Fees No Fees
Multiple Card Support Yes

Activating the Barclays Gambling Block: A Guide

As we said, activating and deactivating the gambling block is quick and simple, and everyone can do it within seconds. However, if you’re still unsure how to turn off gambling on Barclays, let us help you figure it out. Below, we will list and describe all the steps you need to complete. Follow the guide, and you won’t have any problems.

  • Get the Barclays Mobile App
    The first thing to do is go to the Barclays website and find the links for downloading its mobile banking app. The app is compatible with Android and iOS devices.
  • Log in & Find The Gambling Block settings
    Once you have the Barclays app installed, you just need to log in using your personal information. Then, go to the “Your Cards” section and click on your debit card.
  • Activate the Barclays Gambling Block
    Find Merchant Control on the screen and tap on it. Then select all of the categories you want to block and use the toggle to turn the blocking feature on.

The Barclays Gambling Block’s Advantages

When you decide to block gambling on Barclays, you will face multiple benefits. The feature is meant to help you, as the bank puts customers’ well-being and protection first. Once you enable the block, you will no longer be exposed to gambling-related websites online. It means fewer temptations, which is very important for someone who struggles to control their gambling habits. Also, the feature can be activated and deactivated quickly and conveniently. Let’s discuss some of its main advantages below.

  • Support for Responsible Gambling
    One of the biggest advantages is the Barclays gambling block will help you develop healthier financial habits. By blocking transactions at Visa sportsbooks and casinos, it aids in responsible gambling.
  • Prevents Impulsive Spending
    The risk of becoming financially unstable because of gambling is reduced when you turn the block on. You will think more and make smarter financial decisions instead of just overspending.
  • Promotion of Financial Well-Being
    Barclays’ gambling blocking feature encourages users to manage their money effectively and decide wisely. Long-term financial health and well-being of its customers is the bank’s main priority.
  • Positive Reputation
    By offering responsible gambling tools like the Gambling Block, the bank strengthens its good reputation. It shows that it is committed to responsible banking practices and is a reliable institution.

Barclays Gambling Blocking Alternatives

Now that you know everything about Barclays and how to block gambling on Barclays app, you can decide if you would like or need to use this feature. Those who have a Barclays account will surely find it convenient. However, if you want to try other options as well, check out the list below and take a pick.

  • NatWest Gambling Block
  • Monzo Gambling Block
  • Lloyds Bank Gambling Block
  • HSBC Gambling Block
  • Halifax Gambling Block

How to Unblock Gambling on Barclays Later?

Removing the Barclays gambling block from your account is just as easy as adding it. The process is identical, and there are no complex rules you need to follow. Therefore, if you feel ready to start using online casinos and non GamStop sports gambling sites, you can turn the gambling block off via the mobile app. Visit the “Your Cards” section again and unselect all the categories you have selected in Merchant Control. Once you turn the toggle off, the gambling block will be deactivated, and you will be able to access all the websites that were previously unavailable.

Barclays: Block Gambling - Common Questions

What is the Barclays block gambling feature?

The Barclays block gambling feature is a helpful tool that allows users to restrict gambling-related transactions. It is created to manage your spending on gambling, sports betting, lottery, and other gambling activities. Thus, it reduces the risk of personal and financial harm caused by gambling.

How to block gambling on Barclays?

If you want to block gambling on your Barclays account, first, you need to download the Barclays mobile app. Then, log in and go to “Your Cards” and Merchant Control. Here, you can see various types of merchants, including gambling merchants. Switch the toggle on to activate the gambling block, and you won’t be able to make gambling transactions.

How to turn on gambling on Barclays?

Turning gambling back on for your Barclays account is just as easy as turning it off. Again, you open the mobile app and find Merchant Control under “Your Cards.” In the list of different merchants, find gambling and turn the toggle off. After that, you can start making gambling-related transactions again.

Can I set spending limits with the Barclays block gambling feature?

The Barclays gambling blocker is designed to turn off gambling transactions. However, it doesn’t offer additional controls or allow customers to set specific spending limits. If you are interested in that, you can check out other Barclays tools and services.

Is it possible to get a Barclays gambling refund?

Getting a Barclays gambling refund is impossible if you haven’t activated the gambling blocking feature. In case the feature is turned on, but you still notice suspicious activity and gambling transactions being made, you should immediately contact customer support and seek help.

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