GamStop Number

gamstop number

If you need the GamStop contact number (0800 138 6518), you are deciding on responsible gambling in your own way. This encompasses a self-exclusion feature from all online gambling sites in the UK, a proven option for those who want to control their gambling. The GamStop campaign provides the over 1.4 million addicted UK gamblers with a tool to cultivate a safer way of betting. In addition, it is worth mentioning that there are sportsbooks that aren’t registered with GamStop, and they are available for those who are eager to explore various options.

Other Ways to Get in Touch with the GamStop Crew

Although the GamStop phone number is a direct line used to reach for assistance, other communication channels can be employed to get hold of the Gamstop support team. Our GAMSTOP review will discuss how these other channels bring variety and comfort to those with different tastes.

  • GamStop Live Chat:
    GamStop Live Chat is available on their website for fast and direct help. Being the perfect medium for immediate and quick queries, users can connect with representatives to have a one-on-one conversation with them conveniently and efficiently.
  • GamStop Email:
    GamStop’s email support ([email protected]) allows players to send their queries about their issues with gambling. It’s the best situation for non-emergency issues because it documents the conversation. You can get your answers within 24-48 hours.
  • GamStop Webchat:
    GamStop has an online chat facility that allows for real-time communication with support staff. It is open to the public on its website and can be reached anytime by people needing a quick question or to get help without a phone call or email.
  • GamStop Form:
    On the GamStop website, users can access a form which serves the purpose of requesting self-exclusion or seeking help. It is easy to work with as it only requires essential information to process gambling-related answers or actions.
  • GamStop Forum:
    The GamStop forum is the place where people can communicate, exchange experiences, ask for advice, and find mutual support online. It is a means of help, guidance, and, simultaneously, a pathway to get with people with the same problems.

Phone Numbers of Other Self-Exclusion Tools

In addition to GamStop, many other self-exclusion tools or services can be found online. These services, in their unique way, provide different levels of assistance and resources for people who need to manage or stop their gambling. Some of them include:

  • GamCare Number:
    GamCare is a service for those who prefer to remain anonymous, and it offers counselling and support for gambling problems. Like the GAMStop contact number, their helpline (0808 8020 133) is toll-free for the whole UK and operates 24/7.
  • Gamban Contact Number:
    Like GamCare and GamStop, Gamban is another tool for those with problematic gambling. With their helpline (800) 522-4700), a 24/7 service, every UK gambler with a problem with gambling addictions can reach them.
  • BetStop Number:
    The BetStop number (1800 238 786) provides immediate access to their self-exclusion platform, where individuals can suspend their online gaming activities. It is an essential resource for those who need assistance or instant information on how to join the program.

GamStop Phone Number: FAQ

What is the GamStop number?

The GamStop number (0800 138 6518) is a special contact advice service operated by the UK’s national online self-exclusion scheme to help people stop gambling online. Millions of people across the United Kingdom have benefitted from this service.

Who can call the GamStop phone number?

We encourage anyone to contact them to stop GamStop activities or get any inquiries about starting self-exclusion via phone. These are for the people who are either gamblers themselves or people who are friends or family members of a person with gambling behaviour.

Is the GamStop contact number toll-free?

The fact that the number of GamStop is available throughout the UK is very important because it means that the user would not be charged for contacting it. This will be a real relief both for those who gamble and for those who are afraid or unsure whether or not it is their cup of tea.

What kind of assistance can I expect when I call the GamStop number?

During the phone call, you will know how to yourself after you have already signed up for the self-exclusion program. Knowing how GamStop works and the time frame after which the self-exclusion expires is very important.

Is there an alternative way to contact GamStop if I cannot call?

Email, live chat, webchat, filling out the contact form on their website or joining the forum are alternative ways you can reach out to them. These various approaches, which obviously differ in the level of involvement, all allow the user to select their preferred way of contacting them.