GamStop Review

gamstop review

Are you feeling addicted to gambling and looking for possible ways to stop it? Or you want to help people who are addicted to gambling but don’t know how to go about it. Then this article is for you. This review of GamStop entails the vital things to know about GamStop. And importantly, you will get to know more about how GamStop works in 2024.

Well, some may not feel addicted to gambling but need to stay away from it for a short period of time. Then, GamStop UK will help you achieve this goal and also serve as a proper gambling blocker for anyone in the UK. So, if you are ready to start, let’s move on.

What is GamStop?

This is a scheme program that enables interested individuals to self-exclude themselves from gambling at casinos and betting sites. Launched in 2018, GamStop is a non-governmental organisation with the purpose of helping individuals navigate their way out of addiction to gambling.

Moreover, GamStop is a website equipped to assist gamblers in overcoming the behavior of being addicted to it. On this website, you will access available tools in order to monitor your gambling activities. With our GamStop reviews, you will get full information on how to navigate the website.

Feature Description
Name GamStop
Functionality Self-exclusion from accessing gambling sites
Cost Free
Parental Control It was developed for parental controls to block access to gambling sites.
Cross-Platform Support Available on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.
Customisable Options The GamStop setting gives room for customisation of experience.
Country Coverage UK
Purpose Restrict access to gambling sites.

Benefits of Using GamStop

Trying to self-exclude oneself from gambling activities can be very difficult, especially when you don’t know the right steps to take. As a result of this, the GamStop exclusion program comes to provide certain solutions to these issues. Therefore, there are many benefits for anyone who tends to leverage the benefits that come with GamStop exclusion services, as discussed below.

  • Range of Duration Options:
    Many tend to ask questions like: How long is GamStop exclusion services? Or what is the range of duration of GamStop exclusion services? There is the opportunity to choose from the range of six months to five years of duration provided for their self-exclusion services.
  • Support and Resources for Recovery:
    There is a level of support and resources to help any vulnerable gambler recover themselves on time. For every interested and vulnerable gambler, there are restrictions on access to gambling sites and other supportive measures.
  • Protection Against Temptation and Relapse:
    After registering on their website, there is protection against temptation and relapse. GamStop is a vital tool for any addicted gambler who seeks a suitable place to monitor their gambling activities and help overcome their weaknesses.
  • Peace of Mind and Control:
    Using GamStop brings about peace of mind as it helps to control the addiction level of an individual towards gambling activities. Coupled with the availability of the supportive resources provided by Gamstop, any vulnerable gambler can be sure to overcome gambling addictions.
  • GamStop can be used for Free:
    One of the essential things about GamStop is that it can be used for free. That means it can be freely accessed by any interested individual. It offers a centralised platform with no requirement to pay for any of its services. Even when your chosen self-exclusion period of GamStop is ended, you will have to notify them about this. This is because the service will still remain intact until it is removed.

Cons of Using GamStop

As long as there are benefits attached to the usage of GamStop services, there are still some disadvantages. In this section, you will get to explore some downsides that come with the use of the GamStop number. Despite this fact, GamStop self-exclusion in the UK is seen as an important tool to restrict UK gamblers to gambling websites. There are still some loopholes that can hinder this purpose.

  • Limited Coverage of Gambling Operators:
    On the GamStop platform, there is a record of a limited number of gambling companies registered onboard. This is because there is a challenge in accepting and recognising GamStop at some gambling sites. In essence, there are some UK online bookmakers without the GamStop self-exclusion program.
  • Ineffectiveness Against Offshore Gambling Sites:
    GamStop is not capable of effectively monitoring the activities of its members on other gambling sites that do not integrate with them. Moreover, gambling sites without GamStop are regarded as offshore gambling sites. As a result, GamStop may not have access to restrict some of its services to vulnerable gamblers.
  • Potential for Workarounds and Bypasses:
    There are some gamblers who have always tried to bypass the restrictions of the GamStop. According to some critics, they concluded that GamStop is a flexible site with the ability for individuals to easily find their workarounds. That is, there is a way for gamblers to stop GamStop exclusion program.

How to Join GamStop

It is important to note that joining the GamStop scheme is free. In fact, you have free access to select the duration of your self-exclusion period after joining the GamStop scheme. Check out the below steps on how to join the GamStop scheme:

  • Step One:
    Visit the GamStop website and sign up at the homepage. It should be noted that you can’t do this for anyone else, nor can it be done on your behalf. Ensure you duly sign up.
  • Step Two:
    Fill out the registration process with the necessary details. To register, some personal information must be provided, such as a full name, date of birth, email address, postcode, and other vital information.
  • Step Three:
    After filling out the registration form, at the bottom, click the submit option. You will be required to agree to their terms and conditions. Afterwards, you can review and submit it.
  • Step Four:
    At this stage, await a confirmation email from GamStop for further instructions. Although this step might take time, you may have to wait for 24 hours before you are kicked in.
  • Step Five:
    Once your registration has been confirmed, your self-exclusion period will begin, and you will be restricted from accessing online gambling sites. And when your self-exclusion period is over, contact GamStop for further steps.

Comparison with Other Self-Exclusion Systems

GamStop self-exclusion systems are slightly different from other websites that are engaged in the duty of excluding interested individuals from gambling sites. This means that there are some other self-exclusion systems, apart from GamStop, with different features. These features can be found in the services they provide. Check the table below to see their differences.

Feature GamCare GamStop Gamban
Self-exclusion Their self-exclusion periods are between six months and five years. Their self-exclusion periods are six months, a year, and five years. Their self-exclusion periods are within the range of one month to five years.
Parental control With GamCare, there is a set access to parental controls in a bid to prevent access to gambling sites. It was developed for parental controls to block access to gambling sites. There is an inbuilt parental control that restricts access to gambling-related sites.
Cross-platform Yes, there is a cross-platform available. Yes, there is a cross-platform available. Yes, there is a cross-platform available.
Customisation options There is room for customisation. The GamStop setting gives rooms for customisation of experience. Users have access to customisation options.
Price Free Free This is based on the subscription plan selected
Purpose Restrict access to gambling sites. Restrict access to gambling sites. Restrict access to gambling access.

Alternatives to GamStop

Yes! There are certain alternatives to the GamStop self-exclusion scheme. As a UK gambler, there are other alternatives to choose from apart from GamStop. Check below to learn about the other alternatives available for your use.

User Feedback and Reviews

GamStop and its alternatives played a significant role in fighting gambling addiction. Based on our research, we have gathered a few user feedback and reviews about GamStop. This is to help any interested individual to make the right decision and take the necessary steps. Here are feedbacks from real users of GamStop:

  1. User Feedback from the United States of America:
    This feedback is from an American user of GamSto about the easy navigation and availability of data of almost all casinos on the GamStop site. Furthermore, this user sees GamStop as the best casino comparison site suitable for any gambler to overcome their weakness.
  2. Feedback from Great Britain:
    There was a report on the availability of helpful resources on GamStop that are open to users. According to this user, the support system seems to be available for twenty-four hours, which the user considers to be a great thing and, therefore, brings satisfaction.
  3. Other Feedback from Great Britain:
    This user narrates his story of how compulsive he was as a gambler for 12 years. As a result, he entered into a huge debt, which made him decide to register for the self-exclusion program with GamStop. This decision changed his life for the better.

GamStop Review: FAQ

What is GamStop?

This is an anti-gambling site equipped to restrict or prevent access to gambling websites and apps. Moreover, GamStop is a perfect place for anyone who needs a break from gambling or wants to control their level of addiction to gambling. With GamStop, users have access to some supportive and helpful resources.

Is GamStop free?

Yes. GamStop is absolutely free, and there is no payment requirement before joining the GamStop Exclusion Scheme. With GamStop, you will have free access to their services and other monitoring activities provided by them. Moreover, GamStop makes it more convenient for individuals with low financial income to access a self-exclusion program from gambling activities.

Is GamStop effective in preventing access to gambling sites?

Yes, GamStop is effective in restricting access to some gambling sites as long as the gambling sites in question integrate with the GamStop scheme. As an anti-gambling non-organisation, GamStop is equipped with necessary helpful measures to enable any individual to stay restricted to some gambling sites. But it should be noted that such a gambling site must have registered with GamStop.

How do I register for GamStop?

Registering for GamStop is very easy. You can check out this article to get the full gist of how to register for GamStop. You need to visit their website to sign up, then click on the registration button and duly fill in your details. Afterwards, await a confirmation email before you can be kicked in.

Is GamStop mandatory for all UK gambling operators?

Yes, it has been mandatory for each UK online casinos not under GamStop to register with GamStop. However, some gambling sites have a way of bypassing the rules of GamStop. Nevertheless, every gambling operator in Great Britain must be committed to participating in the GamStop program.