What Is BetStop And How Does It Work?

what is betstop and how it works

BetStop is the most effective, responsible gambling service in Australia. Every Australian punter has the right to become part of the National Self-exclusion Register whenever they feel like betting is taking a huge part of their life.

Many gamblers have decided to sign up with BetStop in an attempt to minimise the risk of developing gambling addiction. The fact that the service is free of charge and very easy to use makes it possible for people to join without a hitch.

What is BetStop?

As stated on the official website of BetStop, this is the National Self-Exclusion Register in Australia. The service first came to light in August 2023, allowing all gamblers to register and block their access to over 150 licensed Australian wagering operators. The AU government aims to reduce the prevalence of compulsive gambling, and BetStop is undeniably one of the most effective tools in achieving that.

The self-exclusion service is great for compulsive bettors or gamblers who believe they need to take a break from wagering. Members will no longer be able to sign up with new AU sportsbooks or bet at platforms they’re already registered at. BetStop allows users to exclude themselves for a particular period of time without an option for cancellation.

The Process of Joining BetStop

Becoming a BetStop member is quite easy, as the registration takes less than two minutes. For your ease, we’ll provide a detailed step-by-step guide, which contains all the important information potential BetStop users may need.

  • Access BetStop
    The first thing you need to do is access the official BetStop website. Then, click on the Register button at the top right corner of the screen. Read the terms and conditions of the service, and proceed with providing your data.
  • Select the duration of your exclusion
    Once you register and log into your account, you can select the duration of your self-exclusion period. Please note that the minimum period of exclusion is three months.
  • Activate your self-exclusion period
    Confirm that you wish to self-exclude yourself from all Australian bookmakers on BetStop’s list. One thing to keep in mind is that you won’t be able to cancel your exclusion before it ends.

As mentioned, the minimum exclusion period is three months, but every user also has the option to block their access to AU bookmakers for a lifetime. When you sign up with BetStop, you can no longer register on new AU sports wagering platforms or bet on the ones you have an account with. Furthermore, you won’t receive any promotional offers from bookies.

As there isn’t an option for cancellation, sometimes punters look for information on how to bet without BetStop before the end of their exclusion period. The most common choice is to join bookies that are unaffected by BetStop.

How to Start Betting Again After BetStop

Once your exclusion period at BetStop ends, you must be quite responsible with your wagers. We recommend drawing up a budget and sticking to it throughout the entire time. It’s not advisable to lay big bets, which aren’t conformable with your capital, as this could result in excessive spending.

Numerous reliable bookies, including bookmakers without BetStop, allow customers to impose limits on their accounts, including deposit and time-session limits. This often helps bettors develop responsible gambling habits even after they stop using BetStop.


BetStop is a highly efficient, responsible gambling service that prohibits members from betting at licensed Australian wagering platforms for a particular period. The tool is a great option for compulsive players and those who wish to limit their gambling activity. We advise all bettors to get fully familiar with BetStop and become aware of their gambling habits. This way, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about whether or not this service will benefit you.


What is BetStop, and how does it function?

BetStop is the National Self-exclusion Register in Australia, which allows all punters to self-exclude themselves from over 150 licensed AU wagering platforms. Members can’t create an account at new sportsbooks or wager at the ones they already signed up at.

How can I sign up for BetStop?

To use the self-exclusion service, you need to access the official BetStop website and create your account. The sign-up process is quick and simple, and once you complete it, you can select the duration of your self-exclusion period.

How long does the BetStop exclusion period last?

BetStop gives you the option to select the time frame during which you won’t be able to bet at AU wagering sites. The minimum period is three months, but a lifetime exclusion is also an option. Keep in mind that BetStop doesn’t allow members to cancel their self-exclusion period. For those seeking alternative betting options during this period, there are sites not on BetStop. These are alternatives to betting sites not on GamStop in the UK, and they offer a way to continue betting activities.

What happens after I sign up for BetStop?

When you sign up for BetStop and activate your exclusion period, you become part of the National Self-exclusion Register. This means that all sports betting operators that are on BetStop’s list won’t allow you to register or bet with them.