How to Bet Without BetStop

methods of betting without betstop

BetStop is the national self-exclusion register in Australia, which allows bettors to exclude themselves from all licensed online wagering operators in the country. The minimum exclusion period equals three months, but sometimes, this seems a bit long for punters. For this reason, they often end up looking for an alternative because BetStop doesn’t allow cancellations.

When they find themselves in such a situation, players look for ways on how to avoid BetStop, and the most common option is to join non-BetStop bookies. The following paragraphs contain information about such platforms and their most considerable advantages and drawbacks.

How to Find Reputable Non BetStop Bookmakers

Simply put, online betting sites not on BetStop are sportsbooks, which are not affected by the self-exclusion service. Based on our research, all Australian bookmakers holding the necessary gambling license are part of the BetStop list. This would mean that if you join BetStop, you won’t be able to register or bet on any of these websites.

However, there are bookies with licenses from foreign regulators. This excludes them from the list of BetStop, making it possible for excluded players to sign up with them. Here’s how you can find good non-BetStop bookmakers:

  • Conduct thorough research
    It’s advisable to check out recommendations from gambling experts. This is one of the best ways to discover trustworthy non BetStop betting sites. Typically, such lists of suggested casinos consist of safe and reliable wagering operators.
  • Get familiar with T&C
    Before registering on any non BetStop betting site, get fully acquainted with the operator’s terms and conditions. That’s vital, as it will help you determine whether the platform suits your preferences.

Making a Deposit at Non BetStop Bookies

Websites that are not on the BetStop list will allow every newly registered customer to make a deposit. Typically, operators provide clients with varying options, including but not limited to PayPal, VISA, and Mastercard. Of course, the list of options differs on each site, so selecting the ones that work best for you is important. Another thing to note is that all payment methods come with several potential pros and cons we’ll discuss below:

  • VISA/Mastercard
    This payment option is usually accessible on each non-BesStop wagering website, allowing customers to make swift and secure deposits. However, sometimes, the processing time for withdrawals may be a bit slow.
  • PayPal
    PayPal is a widely preferred mode of payment because it promises instant deposits. Nonetheless, our research revealed that the e-wallet is not always an option that’s eligible for withdrawals.
  • POLi
    A great number of Aussies use POLi to make online payments. The highly secure online banking payment option is reliable and simple to use. Its most considerable drawback is the fact that it’s not accessible on many non BetStop sites.

Pros and Cons of Betting Without BetStop

The Australian government prioritises responsible gambling, and BetStop is one of the most useful and valuable tools supporting this endeavour. However, as mentioned, the minimum exclusion period may sometimes be a bit too much for many punters. In many cases, bettors want to take a break for a shorter time, but cancelations with BetStop are impossible.

In such instances, punters usually join websites that are not on BetStop. This usually causes no harm to bettors who play from time to time. They’ll have the opportunity to bet on events they’re truly passionate about. Plus, they can impose a deposit limit on their accounts to keep their budget intact if necessary.

Nevertheless, if a compulsive gambler joins a sportsbook outside of the register, he risks ruining all of the progress achieved so far. What’s more, non-BetStop sports betting operators can send promotional emails to all registered customers, including ones with an active exclusion period. The latter can certainly have a negative impact on each self-excluded BetStop user.


BetStop helps punters minimise their gambling activity by excluding them from all AU sportsbooks with a license. However, some users end up looking for alternative platforms before the end of their exclusion period. Although many reliable sportsbooks are not on BetStop, it’s vital to consider the risks of joining one, especially if you think you might have a gambling addiction.


What does it mean to gamble without BetStop?

Simply put, gambling without BetStop means joining sportsbooks that are not part of BetStop’s list. Many such websites allow everyone, including self-excluded players, to register and lay real-money bets on different sports events.

Is it safe to gamble without BetStop?

Same as with UK sportsbooks not on GamStop, gambling on sites not on BetStop is completely safe, as such platforms have adopted a number of safety measures that contribute to secure gameplay. Furthermore, most operators support some of the most reliable and convenient modes of payment, which is another considerable benefit.

How can I find reliable betting sites that are not registered with BetStop?

We recommend you conduct thorough research and examine gambling experts’ suggestions. It’s not advisable to join the very first sportsbook you come across, as it may not fulfil some safety criteria. Top-rated non-BetStop sites have licences from foreign regulators and guarantee a fair and secure betting experience.

Are there any risks associated with betting at non BetStop sportsbooks?

It’s important to note that players vulnerable to developing a gambling addiction may find themselves at greater risk. Therefore, to avoid any potential issues, we recommend making informed decisions when it comes to online gambling. Furthermore, all Australian bettors may seek support from various responsible gambling organisations.