NatWest Gambling Block

natwest gambling block

NatWest, or National Westminster Bank, is a major London-based bank whose credit and debit cards can be used for online gambling. However, thanks to the NatWest Gambling block, you can also stop casino transactions if you see that gambling does more harm than good to you personally or financially.

Today, we will discuss the gambling control feature that is available for NatWest users. We did thorough research on the topic, and all the details we know will be shared on this page. Keep reading as we explain what the feature is, how to activate it, its benefits for players, and the alternatives you can also use.

What Is the NatWest Gambling Block?

The NatWest gambling block is a useful feature designed to help users control their gambling and manage their funds responsibly. If you see that online gambling is no longer a leisure activity but it’s taking a serious toll on your life, family, and relationships, then it’s time to seek help.

When you decide to block gambling on NatWest, you will regain control over your spending. All transactions towards online casinos will be restricted for your account once you activate the feature. You won’t be able to transfer money to your casino account, meaning online gambling will not be easily accessible for you anymore.

Overall, this is a valuable tool for people who want to prevent gambling addiction and the dangers that come with it. You can easily activate it via the NatWest mobile app, which is available for Android and iOS users over the age of 11.

Feature Description
Name NatWest Gambling Block
Functionality Block Gambling-Related Transactions
Activation Via Android or iOS app
Deactivation Via Android or iOS app
Additional Controls Excluding Certain Transactions, Setting Spending Limits
Fees 0% Fees
Multiple Card Support All NatWest Credit and Debit Cards

How to Activate the NatWest Gambling Block

If you are wondering how to block gambling on NatWest, know that it’s a quick and simple process that you can complete in a few minutes. If you have a NatWest credit or debit card and already have the NatWest app, part of the job has been completed. But if you haven’t installed the app yet, let us help you. Below, we will list the steps you have to follow and explain each of them to assist you.

  • Download the NatWest Mobile App
    Visit the App Store or the Google Play Store, depending on the device you use. Search for NatWest Mobile Banking and click on the application to download and install it on your device.
  • Open the NatWest Mobile App
    When you open the already installed NatWest application on your device, you will see a list of available options. Here, you need to choose “Manage my card” to get started.
  • Turn the Gambling Block On
    You will notice several options on the screen, and you should pick “Card Payment Controls” to proceed. Press the Gambling toggle to activate it, and you will get a notification.

Benefits of Using the NatWest Gambling Block

We already established that turning the gambling block on is simple. But if you are now wondering how can I unblock gambling with NatWest, let us tell you – 48 hours after activating it, you can remove the block simply by switching the toggle off. Activating the gambling blocking feature is very beneficial for players who are concerned about responsible gambling. Below, we will list and describe some of the main advantages we discovered using the NatWest gambling block.

  • Financial Control
    Thanks to the NatWest gambling blocker, players can manage their finances with ease. Punters can block transactions with all British sports bookmakers without GamStop and, thus, prevent financial risks.
  • Prevention of Problem Gambling
    You can easily get carried away when gambling online, but the NatWest block feature reduces the risk of addiction and further financial problems. You can play safely and without worries.
  • Peace of Mind
    You have a strong protective measure put in place to prevent your money from going to gambling and sports betting websites. Your security and well-being are before anything else.
  • Customisable Control
    With the NatWest gambling block, you can tailor the settings to your needs. Instead of a general block, try to exclude specific transactions or set spending limits for better control.

Alternatives to NatWest Gambling Blocking

Although the NatWest gambling transactions blocker is a fantastic option and works great in helping players manage their finances effectively, alternative options still exist. If you don’t find NatWest convenient, you can try one of the options presented below. These are all gambling blockers that we have tested and approved, so just pick one that suits your needs and preferences.

  • Barclays Gambling Block
  • Monzo Gambling Block
  • Lloyds Bank Gambling Block
  • HSBC Gambling Block
  • Halifax Gambling Block

Does Using the NatWest Gambling Block Make Sense?

Using the NatWest gambling block makes perfect sense if you are concerned about your personal and financial well-being and want to gamble responsibly. With the rapid increase in online gambling sites and high stakes sportsbooks, there is also a higher risk of overspending. So, if you normally use NatWest credit and debit cards, you could greatly benefit from the gambling blocking feature it offers. You can activate it within seconds via the NatWest mobile app and customise its settings according to your needs. Finally, it is designed for protection and will keep you away from excessive gambling and, ultimately, debt.

NatWest: Block Gambling - Common Questions

What is the NatWest gambling block?

The NatWest gambling block is a helpful feature offered by the National Westminster Bank that allows you to block gambling transactions. It helps you control your gambling-related habits and avoid the risks and potential harm that are associated with gambling addiction.

How does the NatWest gambling block work?

The NatWest gambling block allows users to activate a block on all or specific gambling transactions through their mobile application. Once the feature is active, you won’t be able to make gambling transactions using your NatWest cards or accounts. Even if you attempt, the transaction will be automatically declined.

Is it possible to get a NatWest gambling refund?

Getting a NatWest gambling refund for transactions that were made before you activated the block is impossible. However, if you think unauthorised transactions have been made, contact NatWest’s customer support immediately. If there is any fraudulent activity on your account, they will help you and solve the problem.

How to block NatWest credit card gambling transactions?

To block NatWest credit card gambling transactions, first, you must have the NatWest mobile app installed on your device. Go to the card management section, click on the Gambling toggle to turn the feature on, and block gambling transactions.

Can I deactivate the NatWest gambling block?

You can deactivate the NatWest gambling block the same way you activated it. Open the mobile app, go to card management to locate the Gambling block option, and turn it off. However, don’t forget that once activated, the block cannot be removed within the next 48 hours.

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