Curacao Betting Sites

curacao betting sites

Based on our observations, Curacao sports betting sites still feature unrestricted gambling but provide far better player protection than they used to. Let’s look closer at the well-known brands and see what makes them shine!

List of Curacao Bookmakers

How We Choose Curacao Licensed Betting Sites

Unlike other bookie review websites, we don’t just put trending brands in our lists and hope for the best. Instead, we conduct comprehensive tests and analyses of popular Curacao sports sites. It takes roughly two weeks to complete a review, from pinpointing the betting site to publishing the results of our tests. During the research phase, we pay close attention to the following:

Opportunity to Bet Without Restrictions

If there’s one thing we appreciate about these sites, it’s their unrestrictive approach to online gambling. While we are all for responsible gambling, we believe every player has the freedom to do whatever he/she pleases. That’s why we’re interested in UK bookies not blocked by GamStop. That’s why we thoroughly check all other on-site restrictions too, including bet limits, withdrawal limits, and similar.

Established Procedure Of Checking

It’s been a while since we solidified our approach to reviewing non-GamStop betting sites. Each of our reviews goes through a series of checkups which we use to determine whether or not it’s worth recommending. How we rate online sportsbooks is quite complex. But, if you’d like to know more about our internal reviewing procedure, click on that link and we’ll show you our secrets!

History Of Bookmaker In The Industry

Our main reviewers are always on the lookout for new non GamStop bookmakers. Our list of Curacao bookies is growing larger and larger with each passing month. Not only do we check the current state of affairs on the most popular platforms, but we also store historical data. This helps us monitor and understand the behaviours of different brands, which typically allows us to predict some of their next moves.

Offers Compared To Other European Markets

When researching the various sports betting markets on Curacao betting sites, we always compare them to what other European markets have to offer. The betting odds on some sports tend to be vastly different across popular European sports sites. They’re all quite generous too, mind you. But, according to our research, bookies licensed in Curacao aren’t far behind them in terms of generosity (odds-wise).

Other Curacao Betting Sites For UK Players

other trusted curacao betting sites

The aforementioned bookmakers licensed in Curacao should be on top of your list of priorities. But, if they don’t match your preferences, don’t force them. There are many good alternatives to above-featured Curacao betting websites. If you don’t like our favourites, perhaps the following will be more up your alley:

Overview of Other Curacao-Based Sportsbooks
# Brand Name Launch Date Wagering Rate Bet Offers
1 Hustles Betting Website 2021 x15 Extra Bets
2 GoldenBet Betting Website 2022 x35 Sport Welcome, eSports Welcome, Free Bets
3 Velobet Betting Website 2023 x15 Extra Bets, Welcome, Free Bets

Overview Of Curacao Sportsbooks

All Curacao-licensed bookmakers have some things in common. We’re referring to stuff like reputation, accessibility, player limitation, licence limitation, and responsible gambling tools (or the lack thereof). All Curacao betting sites share these traits. We analysed the most important bits and pieces and we’d like to share our findings in the following sections:

General Information About Curacao Sites For Betting
Number Of Reviewed Sites 55+
Listed Betting Sites 25+
Best Curacao Betting Brand Velobet
Licence Validity Yes
Best Bet Offers Welcome Sports Offers
Responsible Gaming Features Listed

Main Features Of Curacao Betting Sites

  • Internationally Recognised Licensing
    Seeing a platform is licensed by the Curacao gambling authority is a big deal. It lets users know they’re on the right track. Curacao iGaming typically licences big international betting sites and that just adds to their reputation. Yes, the regulations are quite lenient. But, that doesn’t diminish the regulator’s reputation.
  • No Alternatives Of Such Reputation
    Despite being relatively cheap and lenient, obtaining a Curacao gambling licence is quite the process. It takes roughly a month to complete the procedure, which is probably why the Curacao gambling authority has such a good reputation. For example, USA sports betting sites or UK players are not nearly as reputable as their Curacao counterparts. That’s a cold hard fact!
  • You Can Play Casino Games As Well
    A good portion of sports betting sites licensed in Curacao offer casino games too. Yep, most of them are proper AIO platforms that provide access to a vast selection of betting options and an equally vast selection of casino games. No matter if you’re interested in slots, table games, or live dealer stuff, Curacao casino will have you covered. In other words, they offer the best of both worlds.
  • Accessibility To Its Users
    According to our tests, accessibility is one of the most notable positives shared by the vast majority of Curacao-licensed bookmakers. Not only do they offer unrestrictive gameplay, but they’re also well-optimised for smartphone use and have multilingual customer support platforms. If you’re a beginner, you’re bound to appreciate the added accessibility benefits.
  • Limited Protection Of Players
    Unfortunately, our research shows that non UK sports betting sites simply cannot offer the same level of player protection as their UKGC brethren. These offshore companies have solid player protection, but it’s nowhere near the level offered by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. Most Curacao bookies have admirable player protection standards, though. But, if you’re not willing to settle for anything but the best, you should look for UKGC brands.
  • Lack of Self-Exclusion Programs
    Last but not least, sports betting platforms holding a Curacao licence don’t have self-exclusion tools like GamStop. This is a must-have for all UKGC-licensed entities. While this is a downside in terms of responsible gambling in general, it’s a pro for folks who are on GamStop and would like to place a few bets on a restriction-free platform.

Curacao-Licensed Sites vs Others

Make no mistake about it – UKGC has some of the strictest gambling laws out there. Curacao, on the other hand, has a much more lenient approach. That’s the vital reason why so many sportsbooks register their gambling businesses in Curacao.

How does the Curacao eGaming licence compare to the likes of Malta and Gibraltar? We conducted thorough research on the key licensing differences and here’s what we found:

Feature Curacao Licence Other Licensing Authorities (e.g., Malta, UK, Gibraltar)
Accessibility Easier to obtain More stringent application process and requirements.
Cost Cca 20,000 GBP A lot more expensive licence application fees and a plethora of additional expenses.
Player Protection Solid level of player protection Players typically have a higher level of protection on bookmakers regulated by the likes of UKGC or MGA.
Reputation Curacao licensing is recognized as reputable and legitimate across the globe Other licensing authorities like MGA and UKGC have superior reputation but are known for being a lot more tedious in terms of regulations.
  • Malta
    Obtaining a Malta gambling licence issued by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is a lot more complicated than that of Curacao. The application costs and licensing fees are relatively high too. Plus, all Malta sports betting sites have to pay annual licensing fees too. Different types of gambling require different licences, and that drastically complicates the narrative and increases the costs. However, the MGA licence is recognized as one of the most reputable options across the globe.
  • Gibraltar
    According to our research, acquiring a gambling licence from the government of Gibraltar costs roughly 100,000 GBP. Yes, the licensing fees are quite high, but there’s just a 0.15% tax on bookmakers’ gross profits. That’s why brands crave Gibraltar licences. In other words, that’s why there are so many Gibraltar betting sites out there. Low taxes!
  • UK
    The United Kingdom Gambling Commission is notorious for its strict stance on online gambling. The market is alive and healthy, but the UKGC rules over it with an iron fist. Brands holding a UKGC licence are heavily regulated, having to follow strict rules regarding payment processing, responsible gambling tools, and player protection.

Curacao Sports Gambling Sites: FAQ

What is a Curacao sports gambling site?

A Curacao sports gambling site is an online platform that’s registered in Curacao and facilitates sports betting. The key reason why UK punters are flocking to Curacao bookmakers is their unrestrictive approach to online betting. They’re not a part of GamStop, they operate under much more lenient rules and tend to offer more competitive odds than their UKGC-licence counterparts.

Are Curacao betting sites safe to use?

Yes, they are. Well, most of them, at least. Just because a website is licensed in Curacao doesn’t immediately mean it’s a good place to bet on. Check out our reviews and bookmaker guides to gauge just how well a certain brand fares in key departments like customer service, bet variety, and mobile betting support.

How can I verify the legitimacy of a Curacao-licensed sports betting site?

If the website is on one of our lists, you can rest assured it has a Curacao licence and offers a great user experience. For those interested in the details, you should always check the website footer and look for licensing information.

Can I use cryptocurrencies for betting on Curacao betting websites?

Yes, you can use several cryptocurrencies to deposit money onto betting sites licensed in Curacao. Believe it or not, a good portion of them readily accept cryptocurrencies. The most popular cryptocurrencies used for online gambling are Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Recently, though, stablecoins are gaining massive traction too.

Do Curacao sports sites offer responsible gambling features?

Some do, some don’t. It all depends on which specific bookmaker you’re playing at. By responsible gambling tools, we’re referring to account limits and self-exclusion options either via customer support or through account settings. If you were asking about GamStop, then the answer is a resounding no. Only UKGC-licensed bookmakers are a part of GamStop.

Can I access Curacao bookies from anywhere in the world?

Yes, Curacao online bookies are popular because they accept players from all across the globe. There are some exceptions, however. If a casino has a Curacao licence, it cannot accept players from the USA, the Netherlands, Australia, France, and Curacao.

What types of sports can I bet on at Curacao bookmakers?

nline bookmakers registered in Curacao don’t differ too much from their UKGC-registered counterparts, at least not when it comes to their sports betting coverage. You can typically find over 30 different sports disciplines. Our list of best casinos doesn’t only cover popular options like football, tennis, and horse racing, but a wide variety of niche markets too.