European Betting Sites

european betting sites

Based on our first-hand experience, European betting sites offer a superb gambling experience to veterans and newcomers. Regardless of your group, the following brands will treat you right.

European Bookmakers List

European Sportsbooks: Overview

Let’s delve into the world of European sports betting and explore your gaming options. We’ll review some of the best betting sites that offer a secure and seamless betting environment for players across the continent. The table shows you some general details related to EU betting sites.

General Information About European Online Betting Companies
Number Of Reviewed Sites 45+
Listed Betting Sites 20+
Best European Betting Brand GoldenBet
Licences Curacao, Malta, Gibraltar
Popular Sports Football, Horse Racing, Basketball etc.
Taxation Depends On Country
Legal Status Depends On Country

Main Features of European Betting Apps

The main features we’ve taken into consideration when reviewing the betting sites that are European include live betting options, licence, language, currency, customer support, payment options, and the list of available sports.

  • Opportunity to Bet Even If You Are Self-Excluded
    For those looking to bet on betting sites not covered by GamStop, exploring sites that are not part of this self-exclusion platform is the right path. This unique feature allows players to continue their betting activities on self-exclusion lists and ensures a seamless experience while allowing them to take precautions to play responsibly.
  • Wide Range of Sports & Events
    Non GamStop tennis sportsbooks offer an extensive selection of sports and events to bet on other than tennis. Whether you’re a fan of tennis or other sports, these European betting websites cater to a wide base of players. It’s crucial to consider this feature when selecting the site where you’ll be placing your bets in the future.
  • Developed Live Betting Options
    European betting sites excel in providing a variety of betting options, ensuring a seamless experience. Whether live streaming, in-play betting, or interactive interfaces, these sportsbooks have developed betting options on plenty of niche sports. Alongside live betting, some offer a live streaming feature to follow your games as they unfold.
  • Great Packages Of Bet Offers
    Betting enthusiasts can enjoy free bet offers and promotions offered by these platforms. They help players to maximise their betting experience by providing exclusive incentives and betting deals. Whether it’s welcome bonuses, special sports offers, or ongoing promotions, European betting sites offer many options to boost your bets.
  • Secure Payment Options Provided
    When it comes to payment and any sort of transaction on betting sites, convenience and safety are two of the most important factors to consider. Credit card sportsbooks almost always accept Visa and MasterCard, two of the most commonly used methods that ensure safety and credibility. With these popular payment methods, bettors can be confident that their financial information stays safe.
  • Language And Currency Support
    The majority of legal betting sites in Europe offer multilingual support and accept various currencies. Commonly accepted currencies are EUR (Euro), GBP (British Pound), USD (US Dollar), CHF (Swiss Franc). The availability of currencies may vary depending on the betting site and the location. Note that some operators may charge a small fee if you want to convert currencies.
  • There Are Licensed Betting Platforms Mostly
    Licensing is crucial when it comes to choosing a particular betting site. It’s of utmost importance to select a platform that’s properly licensed and regulated for a safe betting journey. The key factors to consider when choosing one include a licence from a relevant authority, user reviews, the implementation of responsible gaming tools, and transparency.
  • Presented Casino Section
    European casinos for UK players are often integrated into European betting sites, where gaming enthusiasts can find a variety of casino games. This integration provides a rich gaming experience for UK players, making the online betting world and classic games like blackjack, roulette, and live dealer options more accessible.

5 Features We Review In European Bookmakers For UK Players

When it comes to European bookmakers for UK players, there are several key features to consider. These platforms are more than just a virtual place to boost your thrill, they are safe environments that promote inclusivity and comprehension for every background.

In this section, we will explore 5 features that stand out in the European sports betting companies and which make these sites suitable to players’ diverse needs and preferences.

Betting Without Limitations From Exclusion

European sports betting websites are all in for betting without limitations. They provide a unique opportunity for betting even on sites not covered by GamCare. These sportsbooks not on GamCare open up many betting possibilities for players on the continent, ensuring they can enjoy their favourite games with no restrictions.

Opportunity to Participate from Anywhere

These international bookmakers provide a multitude of options to UK players to participate from anywhere in the world. Whether you’re vacationing abroad or just relaxing at home, you can place your bets anytime and from anywhere. It’s a vital feature that our team has considered when reviewing the top EU betting sites.

Reliability Of Licence And Provider

Ensuring that offshore betting websites are reliable is our chief task. These European bookmakers hold licences either from reputable offshore authorities or domestic regulators. This guarantees a secure and trustworthy betting environment where bettors can enjoy the thrill of the betting experience and find great options for sports betting.

Sports And Market Coverage

European bookmakers offer a wide spectrum of markets and sports coverage. You will find all sorts of popular and niche sports, from football to tennis and horse racing. These platforms cater to everybody’s specific needs and preferences, ensuring bettors have a comprehensive range of options. Whether you’re a fan of niche events or mainstream sports, your needs will be accommodated by these European bookmakers.

Multilingual Customer Service

Multilingual customer service is crucial in the world of international betting. The most dedicated European online bookmakers prioritise customer support in multiple languages, including Spanish, Italian, and French. Multilingual support ensures that players from various regions can access information accurately and effectively and get dedicated assistance whenever needed.

Other Legit European Online Bookmakers

Explore a selection of new European bookmakers that have quickly gained immense popularity in the world of sports betting. These emerging platforms offer a fresh perspective and innovative features to bettors by providing the top offers and wagering rates.

Here’s an overview of the biggest European bookmakers, including their sports promos, wagering rates, and launch dates.

Overview of Biggest European Bookmakers
# Brand Name Launch Date Wagering Rate Bet Offers
1 GoldenBet Sportsbook 2022 x35 Free Bets, Welcome
2 PH Sportsbook 2021 x15 Extra Bets
3 Magic Win Sportsbook 2022 x50 Welcome, Deposit
4 PlayHub Sportsbook 2020 x15 Extra Bets

Common Licences Of European Bookies

The licensing and regulation of European betting sites play a crucial role in keeping a safe and secure betting environment. These bookies are licensed by reputable authorities that provide trust among bettors. Three leading regulators of online betting provide offshore licences to operators that meet their standards. In this section, we will explore common choices held by European bookies.

  • Curacao
    As of the 1st of September, the Curacao Gaming Control Board (GCB) started issuing licences to operators directly, providing Curacao sports betting websites favourable terms while looking after players’ interests. To date, the GCB has issued licences to over 450 online gambling operators, making it one of the most popular licensors among betting sites. Licensing fees begin from €12,000, plus additional application fees of €4,000. The entire licensing process spans up to six weeks.
  • Malta
    The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) offers online gaming licence services in various jurisdictions. It’s a renowned provider catering to a multitude of online gaming operators. Malta sports gambling sites need to pay a one-time non-refundable licence fee of €5,000 and consider additional costs for gaming devices and material supply certificates.
  • Gibraltar
    Online sportsbooks from Gibraltar are licensed by the Gibraltar Licensing Authority, which adheres to strict gaming practices. It’s a renowned licensing authority with a proven track record of transparent and fair play practices in gambling in various jurisdictions. As of March 2023, 47 operators are licensed by the Gibraltar Licensing Authority.

Common Locations Of EU Betting Sites

European sportsbooks reach beyond the EU borders, with plenty of locations worldwide where they offer services. These international destinations are the bases for European betting sites, providing a diverse set of betting opportunities to sports enthusiasts. Let’s see some of the common locations of EU betting sites.

  • USA
    American betting sites for UK players have gained much popularity, allowing bettors from the UK to engage in sports wagering even across the Atlantic. These sportsbooks operate in the USA and provide access to betting markets and sports bonuses, ensuring an exciting betting experience.
  • Ireland
    Ireland is one of the hubs for European sportsbooks, a safe environment where betting enthusiasts in the UK can engage in all forms of sports betting. The country caters to players with an extensive array of wagering opportunities, competitive odds, live streaming, etc.
  • Asia
    Asian bookies are not as popular a destination for UK players as US or EU betting sites. European sportsbooks operating in Asia offer UK bettors a chance to participate in wagering on a global scale, with a focus on the Asian market.
  • Sweden
    UK players can enjoy their favourite sports and events in sportsbooks hosted in Sweden. This country is a well-known base for many European sportsbooks, known for its transparent and regulated betting environment. It’s a safe and trusted destination for UK players.
  • Cyprus
    Cyprus is a prominent location for European betting sites and home to a wide spectrum of betting markets. This Mediterranean country provides accessibility to UK players and a safe zone from which they can choose to place their wagers.

Regulatory Information About EU Sports Sites

Understanding the regulatory restrictions of the European online gaming market is important for various reasons, including understanding the current legal status, learning about taxation, and ensuring compliance with the regulations related to the betting market.

EU countries autonomously organise their gaming laws as long as they comply with the rules and regulations established under the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU). Here, we will provide an overview of the regulatory information for several European countries, highlighting the regulatory authority, taxation on winnings, legal status, and popular sports.

Country Regulatory Authority Popular Sports to Bet On Taxation on Winnings Legal Status
United Kingdom UK Gambling Commission Football, Horse Racing No Legal
Germany State-level Regulation Football, Basketball Yes Mixed
Spain DGOJ Football, Basketball Yes Legal
France ARJEL Football, Tennis Yes Legal
Italy ADM Football, Tennis Yes Legal

My Experience With EU Sport Gambling Sites

Having explored the world of EU sports gambling sites, I can confidently say these platforms offer a unique blend of excitement, innovation, and diversity. My journey, for the most part, has been enjoyable, though every sportsbook is an individual story.

My favourite site is Rolletto. It offers generous bonuses for sports fans and a vast pool of gaming options. With its user-friendly interface and competitive odds, it became my go-to choice for sports wagering.

I must say, my experience with European bookmakers has been quite rewarding. So, why not join me in exploring the endless possibilities and excitement of EU sports gaming sites?

European Betting Companies: FAQ

What is the best EU sportsbook?

The ideal EU sportsbook can differ from one person to another, depending on factors such as odds, bonus offers, and interests. However, GoldenBet has become a go-to choice for many bettors in the UK. It’s a reputable option and a reliable bookie, known for its extensive sports coverage and user-friendly interface.

What makes a European betting company reliable and trustworthy?

What makes a European betting company reliable and trustworthy is a valid licence from an authorised entity or reputable regulatory authority. Such entities include the UK Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority. These organisations impose responsible gaming practices to ensure fair play and security protocols that the bookies must comply with.

Can I access European betting sites from outside Europe?

Definitely! You can access European betting sites outside Europe since many EU bookies welcome international players. These platforms provide a global betting experience, making the entire process seamless and transparent. However, the terms of use may differ based on the country you’re in and its gambling laws.

What sports are popular on European betting sites?

The most popular sports on European betting sites include football, tennis, horse racing, and basketball. The diversity of the sports betting markets caters to everybody’s preferences and betting desires. This broad selection ensures that sports enthusiasts will find mainstream events and unique sports, creating an engaging betting experience.

Is live betting available on European betting sites?

Yes, live betting is available on most European betting sites. These platforms offer real-time wagering options where players can place bets while the events are still in progress. This contributes to bigger betting excitement among bettors and is a highly appreciated sports betting feature.

How do I deposit or withdraw money from a European bookmaker?

To deposit or withdraw money from a European bookmaker, first, you need to log in to your account and visit the banking or cashier section on the site. Get familiar with the site’s user interface, then open the cashier. Select the preferred payment method and follow the instructions to complete the transaction.

Can I use your sportsbooks if I am self-excluded?

Yes! You can access our recommended sportsbooks even if you’re self-excluded. Many of these platforms cater to self-excluded players while also promoting responsible betting via dedicated tools. As a final reminder, it’s important to seek help whenever you think you need it. You can do so by contacting the sportsbook’s customer support department and exploring your options.