Football Betting Not On GamStop

football not on gamstop

If you’re already enrolled in GamStop, there are plenty of non-GamStop football sites accepting British punters! Because of this, you can place bets on safe sites even if your self-exclusion is active. However, there’s a lot of ground to cover when finding the best football sites that aren’t on GamStop online.

We don’t stop at just finding betting sites without GamStop. We analyse their pros and cons, consider their many salient features, and make an overall assessment of their offerings. This way, we can provide you with the best information about non GamStop football bookies, including the top choices for UK gamblers.

List of Non GamStop Football Betting Sites

Top Non GamStop Football Bookmakers

We know from our experience that finding non-GamStop football betting websites is no easy task. We work with different parameters to make a correct assessment. While doing so, we ensure our criteria are unbiased and all sites that we check can guarantee you good odds and high chances of winning.

From our extensive research, we discovered the top 5 football betting sites that you can enjoy even if you’re on GamStop. Let’s take a look at them.

Sportsbook Betting Markets Rating
PlayHub Sportsbook UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Europa Conference League 5/5
GoldenBet Sportsbook EURO 2024, World Cup, Premier League 4.8/5
Hustles Sportsbook Copa America, FIFA World Cup, English Premier League 4.9/5
Rolletto Sportsbook Championship, FA Cup, League One 4.9/5

How We Review Football Bookmakers Not On GamStop

We’re real football fans, so when reviewing football betting websites with no GamStop, our team puts all our experience and attention into finding the best bookies. This is also why our research system allows us to check critical points in each platform to discover strengths and weaknesses.

Among the most important ones, we check how many betting options they offer, whether there are restrictions from the UKGC, what kind of promotions they have on display, customer support and payment methods. We’ll discuss these points below.

Number of Football Betting Options

Yes, there are lots of football betting websites. However, only a few offer a comprehensive football section for GamStop gamblers. Even though football is one of the most popular sports on Earth, UK punters’ preferences aren’t the same as others.

This is why we check the betting options to be as varied as possible while covering everything UK players are interested in.

No UKGC Restrictions

These sites not on GamStop are betting sites not registered in the UK. This doesn’t mean they’re illegal or shady because they all have proper licence from licensing bodies abroad, such as Curaçao.

This is good because we check sites to be fair and comply with local regulations, but recognised worldwide licences mean your protection level is much higher. We’re focused on your safety even more than on high odds & lucrative betting bonuses.

Best Sports Offers & Promotions

There are good offers, and then there are simply “promotions.” The difference between both is that the first offers actual value to customers while the second is little more than advertising gimmicks.

This is why we ensure that promotions are worthwhile. They should cater to new and recurring gamblers, including bonuses like free bets, extra bets, deposit matches and more.

Popular Payment Options for Players

Football gamblers were content to find credit card bookmakers for their gambling. Those days are gone. Any modern platform should offer plenty of payment options for deposits and withdrawals.

This means a combination of credit cards, e-wallets, and cryptocurrencies. This way, you can be sure that you’ll be able to pay with something!

Quality Football Section Support

Customer support is often overlooked, sadly. The problem with that approach is that you never know when you will need it. Because of this, we analyse their team’s responses and professionality.

This also includes how many support channels they offer, if there’s multilingual support and whether they are available around the clock.

Football Sites not Registered with GamStop: Overview

The features of UK football sites not on GamStop don’t end with the points discussed above. And because we check so many things, we see some patterns emerging. This is why we’re ready to give an overview of what these sites usually offer to punters.

Here’s some interesting information about these particular football betting sites for UK gamblers:

General Information About Online Football Bookies Without GamStop
Payment Methods Credit Cards, Crypto, E-Wallets
Bet Offers Free Bets, Deposit, Extra Bets
Min. Wagering Rate x15
Best Bookie Rolletto
UK Players Acception Yes
Reliability Yes

Let’s check each point now.

Payment Methods

We’ve discovered that, luckily, most non-British football bookies take all kinds of payment methods available in the UK, with credit cards, crypto, and e-wallets being the most popular. Each category has many options, not just the most popular ones. For instance, cryptocurrencies aren’t limited to Bitcoin; you can also pay with Ethereum, Dogecoin and many others. It’s possible that some bookmakers don’t support pounds as their internal currency, but it’s mostly not the case with our choices.

Bet Offers

When it comes to bonuses, the most typical promotions you can find in regular football bookmakers apply as well. Typically, you’ll find free bets in various forms, deposit match bonuses and extra bets. All these features have varying degrees of restrictions, so you must read the fine print before committing to any.

Min. Wagering Rate

The minimum wagering rate is linked to the point above and is critical when discussing promotions. It means how many times you have to wager the money before you can retrieve any winnings occurring with bonus money. We found that most sites demand at least x15 bets before you can cash out when using bonuses.

Best Bookie

It’s a difficult call, but we conclude that Hustles is the best football bookie by now. Even though the other top 4 might appeal more in certain areas, this website is very balanced and offers a bit of everything, including a top-quality experience. Still, it’s a matter of perception, and we recommend you check them all.

UK Players Acception

These offshore platforms don’t just accept players from their region; fortunately, as a UK gambler, you can join most, if not all, of them. Still, remember that because of being in a different jurisdiction, your experience might vary from what you’re accustomed to with UKGC platforms. All of them are trustworthy and popular among UK and worldwide gamblers.


Because these sites are very popular, you can depend on them to offer a good experience. This encompasses several areas. For instance, everything works perfectly: you’d be hard-pressed to find problems with the interface when placing bets. The customer support team is usually attentive and can solve issues confidently. Because of being regulated, your money and personal data are safe.

More Information on Football Sites Without GamStop

When considering non GamStop football gambling websites, you should also know there are some pros and cons. This is why we want to share most salient points we found on many of such outlets, and here’s our analysis:

Simple Verification Process

One of the best aspects of these sites is that the verification process is straightforward, and there are even no verification betting providers available. This is important because you’d probably like to bet right away after registering, which is usually impossible with other providers.

Live Events Are Available

A significant aspect of these platforms is that there are live events available. You can jump right into the action and bet accordingly. Moreover, some offer live views of matches, graphs, and other features that keep you informed and engaged. Remember that bet types and how live events work vary across operators.

Standalone Operators Only

Another major aspect is that many of these proposals are from independent sports betting. It means they’re usually not part of a large conglomerate with the same offerings. This is good because you can browse them all to find unique offerings and, more importantly, better odds. Doing your research when significant events happen is helpful, as many have special deals.

More Flexibility

When using offshore online sportsbooks, you usually have more flexibility than with their UKGC counterparts. Whether it’s due to different regulations or because they cater to a global audience is beside the point; the important thing is that the experience can be much more custom-tailored to your preferences, allowing them to make some unique offerings.

Risk of Addiction

This is a real downside of such websites because you can bypass GamStop by using them. Consider that last year there was a record of 1,389 patients in England referred for help with gambling problems. It’s about 30% more than the previous year. Still, many offer proper tools for responsible gambling, such as cool-off periods and betting limits.

No Cooperation with Gamcare

Since these platforms are also betting sites not on GamCare, you’re in the same spot with the unavailability of GamStop! They offer a way to circumvent restrictions, so you should be mindful of what you bet and how much. It provides better control, but it’s your responsibility to act accordingly.

Alternative Sports to Football Betting Sites not with GamStop

Football is perhaps the most beloved sport for UK gamblers, but that doesn’t mean you’re locked to betting on football matches. There are other exciting sports you can bet on with these football gambling brands without GamStop. Below you’ll find a list of the most popular in the UK where you can gamble without UKGC restrictions.

Even though football is an obvious choice for UK punters, have you ever wondered what are the most popular options for betting at football bookies not affected by GamStop? It turns out they more or less match the most popular leagues and tournaments football fans enjoy.

The list below is composed of the most salient ones, but, of course, there are many more choices that UK players also enjoy.

  • English Premier League
    This is one of the most important leagues in England. Its goal (pun not intended) is to offer the most competitive league worldwide, featuring world-class players. Many of the most famous clubs in the world participate.
  • UEFA Champions League
    This is like a European “World Cup” composed of clubs instead of national teams. It’s exhilarating because top clubs around the continent compete for their place in history, making it a favourite for football punters.
  • FIFA World Cup
    It almost requires no description, as the FIFA World Cup is one of Earth’s most well-known sports tournaments. This is where national teams across the globe face each other until the last one standing is crowned as the World Champion.
  • FA Cup
    Officially called the Emirates FA Cup, it’s the oldest national football competition in the world and covers English domestic football. The highlights are usually top teams such as Manchester United F.C., Liverpool F.C., and Arsenal.

Non GamStop Football Gambling Sites: FAQ

Are the football sportsbooks that aren’t listed on GamStop safe?

The short answer is yes if you choose a trustworthy site from our list! We can’t vouch for all sites available online, but reputable sites that aren’t on GamStop are generally top offshore providers with proper licences. Always check terms and the gambling licence before joining any gambling site.

What are the most respected football bookies not on GamStop?

After extensive research, we found that GoldenBet and FreshBet are the most respected. They offer extensive betting options, are popular with UK players, and have top-notch customer support. They also have good reviews online. Still, we encourage you to research and find out every aspect of these sites to check if they’d work for you. You can check our comprehensive reviews as well.

Can I access football sites if I’m currently self-excluded?

Yes. By using the platforms on our lists, you can use football gambling sites even if you’re under self-exclusion in platforms regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. Remember to be extra careful if you’re having gambling issues, and notice many platforms have proper tools for responsible gambling.

Is every football gambling site that has no GamStop listed here?

No. There are many websites out there that offer football gambling which isn’t covered in our lists. This is because we check them all and offer you the best. Since we consider specific criteria and stringent checks to separate the good from the bad, you can rest assured whatever site we mention is top-quality and a safe choice.

What bet offers are typically proposed at these sites?

When it comes to promotions, it depends on each platform. However, you can typically find free bets, extra bets, and deposit bonuses. Be sure to research the terms and conditions before selecting one. Some might impose requirements that are simply not worth it. That said, the sites we analysed are generally fair with their requirements.