How to Cancel GamStop

how to cancel gamstop

Our readers keep asking the same old question – how to remove GamStop once and for all. If this self-exclusion platform is annoying you, check out our in-depth guide on how to bypass it.

List of Sites That Don’t Need To Cancel GamStop

Since it is impossible to end the self-exclusion early, you can always look into sites where you can do online betting without GamStop. Here are the best platforms that will accept your wagers even if you are under self-exclusion:

Can You Stop GamStop? Key Information

To give you easier access to crucial information regarding GamStop’s self-exclusion scheme, we created the following table, where you can learn more about your options as a GamStop registered user.

How to Remove Gambling Self Exclusion: Overview
Can You Undo GamStop? Yes
Sites That Help to Remove Gambling Self Exclusion 30+
How to Undo GamStop Contact GamStop Support, Use Our Sites
Best Site To Cancel GamStop In The UK Jackpot Charm

How to Remove GamStop: Other Tested Ways

Every British online punter has wondered at one point: “Can you remove GamStop?” We are here to tell you that there are multiple methods you can use to get around the restrictions that this self-exclusion program imposes on you. Following is a list of the best approaches you should consider:

  • Contact the Program Administrators:
    You can start with the most direct solution, which involves requesting that your self-exclusion be stopped. You can contact the program administrators with the request, but only if you have passed the minimum exclusion period.
  • Register Yourself On Sites With Fake Info:
    You can find various bookmakers without ID check available online and use their leniency to your advantage. Your GamStop self-exclusion is tied to your identity, so if you use fake information, you can create new accounts.
  • Try Offshore Gambling Websites:
    GamStop is primarily a British self-exclusion program, which means that offshore sports betting operators don’t have to impose it on you. You can sign up to one of these foreign sites without GamStop and play freely.
  • Use a Different Device:
    While this is not always an option because of your IP address, you can always try to use a different device than the one you registered to GamStop with. This could show you as a brand-new player, lifting the restrictions.
  • Wait Until the Self-Exclusion Period Expires:
    Finally, another option is to wait until your self-exclusion restriction passes and then ask to be removed from the list. Once the period you personally chose expires, you’ll be free to place wagers at online sportsbooks.

Best Gambling Sites For GamStop Reversal

If your question is, “Can I cancel GamStop,” the answer is a resounding yes! But you don’t have to because multiple online sports betting platforms enable you to place wagers and claim winnings without deactivating your GamStop self-exclusion. In this section, we’ll review the top 5 platforms where you can bet even when on GamStop. Let’s get right into it!

Website Launch Year Rating
Triumph Casino 2020 4.7/5
Jackpot Charm Casino 2020 4.8/5
WG Casino 2021 5/5
Fortune Clock Casino 2020 4.8/5
Crazy Star Casino 2020 4.9/5
triumph casino uk

Triumph Casino

Triumph Sportsbook is an excellent sports betting option if you enjoy browsing a top-tier interface without worrying about removing GamStop. Triumph is not connected to GamStop since it’s a gambling site that operates under a foreign license.

Triumph is a cutting-edge sportsbook with thousands of sporting events for you to choose from, ranging from football matches to F1 races and boxing duels. Aside from the elegant way to undo GamStop, one of the stand-out features on this platform is the assortment of payment methods, which enables you to choose between fiat and cryptocurrency options like Visa and Bitcoin.

jackpot charm casino not on gamstop

Jackpot Charm Casino

500% Welcome Bonus

Visit Site

Jackpot Charm Sportsbook is another modern gambling site that doesn’t require you to remove from GamStop to place sports wagers. The platform design is modern and simplistic, making navigation a simple process for all players, regardless of your experience with such platforms.

If the only question on your mind is how to cancel my GamStop to place bets on this platform, remember that you don’t need to do that. Instead, you can simply join this platform without any obstacles, and if you have any questions about this site’s responsible gambling tools, you can message customer support via live chat 24/7.

wg casino uk

WG Casino

WG Sportsbook is the go-to option for many British players looking for ways to keep betting without having to cancel self exclusion. This is a fan-favourite crypto betting site because of the excellent sports wagering bonuses, such as the welcome package of up to 450% in deposit matchups.

With WG Sportsbook, you don’t need to cancel GamStop self exclusion. You just need to access this foreign-licensed bookie and create an account. Since it has no collaboration with the British self-exclusion program, it won’t stop you from signing up even if you have an active self-exclusion period.

fortune clock casino uk

Fortune Clock Casino

Fortune Clock Sportsbook is a relatively new betting platform where you can register even if you don’t want to cancel gambling self exclusion. As GamStop has no influence on this platform, you can create your account and place bets in seconds!

The betting assortment includes everything from ice hockey and futsal to motorsports like MotoGP. You don’t need to remove self exclusion GamStop system to place bets on your favourite teams or players, making it much more convenient and accessible than some UKGC-licenced sportsbooks.

crazy star casino uk

Crazy Star Casino

Crazy Star Sportsbook is everything you want a modern sports betting platform to be – secure, quick, easy to navigate, and free of GamStop. Crazy Star doesn’t require you to cancel self exclusion GamStop system, so you can access it anytime, even if you are blocked from accessing UKGC-licenced sites.

Instead of going through the process to remove GamStop exclusion, you can create an account on Crazy Star and start betting on any available sports. Also, look at the promo section, which contains valuable bonuses for new and existing bettors.

Self-Exclusion Removal Request: All Pros & Cons

There are various online platforms where you can find information on how to remove self exclusion. While the process is fairly straightforward, you should always understand the benefits and drawbacks you’ll encounter when doing so. This section guides you through the most essential advantages and disadvantages that self-exclusion removal carries, so ensure you read everything carefully.

Pros for Cancelling GamStop

If you are a player who has complete control of his gambling habits, then the GamStop reverse option can be quite beneficial. Here’s what you can get by cancelling GamStop.

  • No Limit Access to Online Gambling:
    If you cancel your GamStop self-exclusion, you can bet at all no limit sports sites, regardless of whether they are UKGC-licenced or offshore. You will not get into trouble while trying to register, but ensure that you wait for the cool-off period to pass before attempting to create a new betting account.
  • Personal Freedom to Make Choices:
    Self-exclusion via GamStop is incredibly restrictive because it’s a fixed feature for at least six months or up to five years, with no option to end it earlier than the set date. If you want to take a shorter break, you can always look into other responsible gaming tools that allow you more freedom when betting.
  • Chance to Gain Extra Money:
    The more sites you can bet on, the better your chances of winning real money, especially if you take advantage of bonus deals. If you opt to deactivate the GamStop self-exclusion, you can win a lot more simply because you have access to numerous sites, but you must be a registered user before you start betting.
  • Opportunity To Use All Gambling Sites Worldwide:
    There are quite a few international online betting operators you can access by removing your self-exclusion restrictions. These sites offer you access to dozens of sports betting categories and thousands of sporting events, so you’ll have much more variety. The best part is that you can access them even while on the self-exclusion!
  • Options By Non GamStop Casinos Are Opened:
    When looking for a way to avoid GamStop’s restrictions, you can always take advantage of the casino sites not on GamStop list. These casinos and sportsbooks routinely offer you access to 35+ sports betting categories, including football, rugby, and cricket, in addition to high-end promo deals of up to 150% in deposit matchups.

Cons of Removing Your Self Exclusion

Before making the final decision and exploring how to remove yourself from self-exclusion, you should recognise the key disadvantages of doing so. Pay close attention to these drawbacks when making a decision.

  • Problematic Gambling Behaviours:
    Without an active GamStop self-exclusion, you may find yourself slipping into problem gambling habits. This problematic behaviour can include betting beyond your budget limits or spending too much time online on your chosen sportsbook platform. That is why you should always think twice before turning off your self-exclusion, especially if you still have difficulties controlling your betting urges.
  • Debts and Financial Losses are Possible:
    Online wagering on sporting events is primarily based on luck, so it doesn’t matter how knowledgeable you are about a particular sport or team. Spending a lot of time and money by wagering on sportsbook platforms can lead you down a rabbit hole of financial losses, borrowing money, and debts, which can be quite dangerous.

Alternative Guides On How to Cancel Self-Exclusion

Though the question of how to reverse GamStop is the most common, since this program is the most popular amongst British players, it is not your only way to cancel self-exclusion. If you want to discover alternative guides on cancelling self-exclusion, look into the following platforms and their offered services:

  • Gamban:
    Gamban is an online blocking software that you can activate if you want to limit your access to all gambling sites. A Gamban removal guide is available for you once you decide you no longer need the platform’s services.
  • GamStop:
    There are multiple ways of getting around GamStop that don’t include cancelling it directly. So, you can choose to sign up at a foreign sportsbook or even use fake information to sign up at platforms that don’t have KYC checks.
  • BetStop:
    BetStop is a self-exclusion registry that prevents you from accessing Australian online sportsbooks and casinos, which can limit your betting options. Cancelling this restriction allows you to enjoy a top-tier variety of betting options.
  • GamCare:
    GamCare allows you to learn more about responsible gambling restrictions and helps you decide whether a self-exclusion removal request is your best option. You can contact its agents to learn how to stay safe but still be off self-exclusion.

How to Remove GamStop Self Exclusion: Our Recommendations

Your online safety and security should always be your priority, especially regarding responsible gambling habits. Even without GamStop, whether you deactivate it or join a non-GamStop betting platform, you can ensure that you remain within the boundaries of responsible gambling.

Even after GamStop approves your self exclusion removal request, you can still be safe gambling online by using responsible gambling tools. You can choose between self-imposed limits or tools provided by sportsbook operators. We explore those options in detail in the next section of this guide, so ensure you stick around for that.

Responsible Gambling Rules After Cancelling GamStop

Responsible gambling online doesn’t begin and end with GamStop, so you should have a solid plan after you cancel this self-exclusion program. Though you can rely on multiple rules after you remove yourself from the self-exclusion list, here are the six rules we found to be crucial for players from the UK:

  • Establish a Strict Budget for Gambling:
    The budget you set is the foundation of your responsible gambling practices, so stick to it no matter what. Even if you’re on a winning streak, you shouldn’t spend more than you decided to.
  • Limit Your Gambling Sessions to a Specific Amount of Time:
    If you limit your gambling sessions to a specific amount of time, you’ll be able to stick to your budget and prevent yourself from falling down the rabbit hole of gambling.
  • Educate Yourself About Problem Gambling:
    Even if you have no expertise in problem gambling, its indicators are easy to spot. Knowing what problem gambling entails and how to prevent it can ensure you are always safe online.
  • Monitor Your Behaviour:
    Self-awareness is the key to remaining safe when gambling online, so you should check in with yourself from time to time. Double-check your time, money spent, and reactions to wins and losses.
  • Utilise Deposit Limits & Time Alerts:
    If you activate a deposit limit, the gambling site will prevent you from spending more than you want to in the heat of the moment. The same applies to the time you spend gambling and time alerts.

Can You Cancel GamStop: FAQ

Can I reverse GamStop?

Absolutely! GamStop and all responsible gambling tools depend on your choices, so if you feel that you don’t need it anymore, you can just call GamStop customer support and cancel it. Aside from that, you can reverse its effects by joining foreign gambling sites or local betting platforms with fake information.

How do I cancel GamStop?

You need to make one phone call to the GamStop dedicated phone line to cancel self-exclusion. Once you do that, wait for the 24-hour cooling-off period to end before resuming your betting. This can be done after the minimal exclusion time passes, but you can always check-in with the GamStop agents to see if it is an option for you.

How long do GamStop self-exclusion periods last?

That depends on the period you choose during your GamStop registration. The shortest available period is six months, followed by a medium period of 1 year, and finally, the longest option, which is five years. However, if you don’t disable GamStop after the period expires, your self-exclusion will stay active.

Can I access any gambling sites while I'm self-excluded with GamStop?

Most definitely! We included multiple online sportsbook sites in this guide that allow you to join and place wagers even if you have an active GamStop self-exclusion. These platforms are licensed by foreign gambling authorities and, as such, don’t have to include GamStop restrictions.

Can I register with GamStop again after my exclusion ends?

Yes, you certainly can. You can choose between extending your self-exclusion period while it is still active or registering with GamStop again when needed. If you have an ongoing self-exclusion, you can extend it with a simple confirmation. Otherwise, you can register for the process again.

How does GamStop removal process work?

The GamStop removal process is fairly simple to follow. First, you need to call the GamStop phone number. After you do that, the customer support agents will give you a 24-hour cooling-off period to consider whether you want to deactivate your self-exclusion. After the 24 hours expire, you’ll be free to play.