How to Get Around GamStop

how to get around gamstop

This page is aimed at people looking for the best ways to get around GamStop this year. The popular self-exclusion tool is known to be quite a nuisance, and we’ll help you get rid of it.

List of Sites That ByPass GamStop

Before we get into our list of tips on how to get around self-exclusion, we’ve got a straightforward solution. We’ve found some trustworthy sites where you can bet without GamStop.

Choosing one of these betting sites is our top tip and is the most effective, as you can register and play normally. Not all of the solutions on our list are ideal, but these sites are. Check out the list below!

How to Get Round GamStop: Tips That Have Proven to Work

Our top tip when working out how to avoid GamStop is to choose one of the sites on our list. However, since this is a comprehensive guide, Nick Harris and other experts are here to share their experience and wisdom when it comes to GamStop. With their help, we’ve compiled a list of tips that people have used to get around self-exclusion.

Use Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

To broaden the number of casinos at their fingertips, some choose to use a VPN. Having it set to another location means you’ll have access to sites that don’t accept UK players. While, in one sense, it’s a viable solution, it’s essential to note that many casinos identify the use of VPNs as a breach of their terms.

Register with False Information

For some who have found that they’re unable to cancel GamStop, creating an account with different information allowed them to register. It’s not one of our recommended solutions, though. You could struggle when it comes to verifying your identity to withdraw. Not only that, but you could be in breach of the casino’s terms.

Select Providers Without ID Verification

Instead of using false information, try sports gambling sites that don’t need verification. There are some crypto sites that allow you to stay anonymous. You’ll need to create an account using your crypto wallet, which means that’ll be your only choice of payment method. There are some drawbacks, as these sites are subject to fewer regulations.

Use Friends’ or Family Members’ Accounts

If mistakes have been made along the way and you’ve unintentionally added your account to GamStop’s list, then using another account can work. Needless to say, you should have the permission of the friend or family member, and even then, it’s best to check the casino’s terms to be aware of any consequences.

Wait for Self-Exclusion Period to Expire

There’s probably a reason you’re on GamStop’s self-exclusion list, which means the best way forward is to wait it out. If you want to know how long does GamStop last, it depends on the period selected. It could be six months, which isn’t too long to wait. Otherwise, it could be one year or five years.

Try Offshore Online Bookmakers or Casinos

Similar to the sites without ID checks, you can choose to bet at offshore casinos and bookmakers. They have the same drawbacks, including limited payment options and some fees. We recommend doing plenty of research before you create an account and deposit. However, it’s worth noting that there are some excellent sites with fantastic reputations.

Get Around GamStop: Possible Consequences

Can you get around GamStop without having to worry about compromises and consequences? That depends on the circumstances. We’ve got some tips on how to proceed, but we also want to make you aware of some downsides that you might encounter. Based on our extensive testing, these are some key aspects to keep in mind.

  • Account Suspension
    As we mentioned when listing some possible solutions, you might find yourself in breach of the site’s terms. One possible consequence of using a friend’s account or false information is that your account could be suspended. Not only does this mean that you can’t play, but your winnings could be confiscated.
  • Increased Gambling Problems
    As our content manager, Thomas, can attest, gambling can be addictive. His addiction began in 2014 and, fortunately, had a happy ending when he recovered in 2017. There are many situations like this, which is why, if you have a problem, our top tip is to use your exclusion period to get help.
  • Possibility to Get Scammed
    If you’re exploring new bookmakers, there’s a chance that not every site will be reputable, which can lead to trouble when it comes to getting your winnings. However, we test every site we recommend, so there’s no need to worry about scams when you use an operator from our list.

Getting Around Other Self Exclusion Tools

We’ve looked at how you bypass GamStop, but there are other self-exclusion tools. There are also some networks which operate in a similar way to GamStop. As a trusted authority in the field, we’re here to talk you through them.

  • Gamban
    Those who want to know how to get around Gamban will be pleased to hear that you can use many of the same methods. However, it’s essential to know how that service works. It’s an app that allows you to block access to thousands of gambling sites and apps on all your devices.
  • GamCare
    GamCare is a support organisation and doesn’t have its own self-exclusion scheme in the UK. However, through its TalkBanStop campaign, it has partnered with GamStop and offers access to a free Gamban account. If you’ve self-excluded via GamCare, our tips above and list of non-GamStop betting sites still apply as potential solutions for you.
  • BetStop
    Another self-exclusion scheme is BetStop. It’s a national register that works for gambling providers in Australia. You can check our guide for ways around BetStop. Many of the tips are similar to the ones we’ve provided here. You can also check the list of non-BetStop casinos and bookmakers and look at the alternatives we’ve provided.

How To Get Around Self Exclusion: FAQ

Is there a way around GamStop?

Yes, there are ways to get around GamStop. If you’re using the self-exclusion register because you have a gambling problem, we recommend waiting for the period to be over and getting help from support organisations in the meantime. If it was unintentional, our top tip is to register and bet at one of the non-GamStop sites on our list.

Is it legal to try to get around self-exclusion?

It isn’t illegal to get around self-exclusion. However, we must point out that it’s discouraged by GamStop. We recommend only doing so when taking precautions. In fact, that’s why we created this guide with our expert tips, so you know how to proceed and what the consequences are.

Why is it discouraged to get around self-exclusion?

The practice of getting around self-exclusion is discouraged because, in several cases, there was a good reason for setting up the exclusion in the first place. In that case, follow our tip to get help and wait it out. However, when the exclusion isn’t necessary, that’s where our alternative sites act as excellent solutions.

Can I use a VPN to access gambling sites during self-exclusion?

Yes, a VPN is one option for getting access to gambling sites where the exclusion doesn’t apply. It changes your location, which means you can access casinos from other jurisdictions even though you’re in the UK. However, keep in mind that some casinos have specific rules against that practice.

What's the best approach if I want to bypass self-exclusion?

We’ve listed several tips, but they do involve some consequences and compromises. The best approach for those who don’t have a gambling problem is to check out our list of UK online non GamStop sportsbooks. Each of the recommended sites is tested and trusted. Check out the reviews to pick the best option for you.

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