How to Remove BetBlocker

With so many UK punters restricted by self-exclusion tools, there is a lot of interest in BetBlocker removal in simple steps. We decided to create a full BetBlocker review that discusses this topic and clearly explains what can and can’t be done. Due to the nature of the service, BetBlocker can’t just be uninstalled whenever you want, so if you want to keep playing you might need to look for an alternative solution.

It’s a must to understand how this responsible tool works and which methods to bypass BetBlocker might be available once you have this app on your device. Ideally, you should gain this knowledge before you even sign up for this service.

How to Delete BetBlocker: Instructions For All Devices

BetBlocker is a software application designed to help people who gamble too much to stay away from casino websites. Once you set the self-exclusion period, it becomes impossible to terminate your membership or remove the app from the device. However, you can delete BetBlocker when the exclusion period ends, and we will show you how to do it on any type of smart device.

How to Uninstall BetBlocker from Android

Since a lot of players routinely use their smartphones to play casino games, one of the common dilemmas is how to remove BetBlocker on Android. For this to be even possible, your self-exclusion period must end and you have to regain administrator rights over your device. After that, just complete the following steps.

Step 1: Find the BetBlocker app icon on the screen, tap on it and hold, then move it manually and drop it on top of the Uninstall feature that shows up.

Step 2: You need to remove managed access for this app so that it can be completely removed. Do this by initiating a pop-up window and unselecting admin rights for this app.

Step 3: After this, BetBlocker won’t be the device administrator any longer. That means you can repeat the drag and drop procedure to permanently uninstall it from the Android phone.

Step 1: Find the BetBlocker app icon on the screen, tap on it and hold, then move it manually and drop it on top of the Uninstall feature that shows up.

Step 2: You need to remove managed access for this app so that it can be completely removed. Do this by initiating a pop-up window and unselecting admin rights for this app.

Step 3: After this, BetBlocker won’t be the device administrator any longer. That means you can repeat the drag and drop procedure to permanently uninstall it from the Android phone.

How to Remove BetBlocker from Windows

Finally, there are some players who are trying to remove BetBlocker from PC computers that run on a Windows platform. This procedure is similar to that used for deleting this software from a mobile phone, and can be done as soon as the user is finished with self-exclusion. Here are detailed instructions on how to complete this task.

Step 1: Open the Settings menu on your Windows computer and select Apps, then go to the Apps and Features tab, where you will see a list of all installed applications.

Step 2: Find BetBlocker in the list of applications on this page. Click on that item in the list to modify or remove this program from your PC

Step 3: Click on the three-dot icon on the right side, then select Uninstall from the pop-up menu that appears on the screen, and confirm your selection.

#1 Way to Avoid: Use Casinos not on BetBlocker

Best Non BetBlocker Casinos

If you decide to try your luck on an offshore casino, it’s very important to choose one that is 100% legitimate and offers favourable conditions. Fortunately, there are quite a few not on GamStop casinos that meet this description. The following table contains a short summary of the best casino offers of this kind that are currently available to UK players.

Casino Rating Welcome Bonus
Rolletto Casino 5 100% deposit bonus worth up to £200
FreshBet Casino 4.9 100% deposit bonus worth up to £200 + 25 free spins
Top G Casino 4.8 100% deposit bonus worth up to £5,000 + 100 free spins
Nine Win Casino 4.9 100% deposit bonus worth up to £150 + 150 free spins
JokaBet Casino 5 100% deposit bonus worth up to £450 + 250 free spins

Other Trusted Non-BetBlocker Casino Sites

Having a plan B is essential for every casino player, and it makes sense to jump to a new website if you can get a better offer there. Since BetBlocker uninstalling won’t lift the restriction on playing at British gambling sites, the best alternative is to join one of the following foreign casinos where such restrictions don’t apply.

Read This Before You Remove BetBlocker

BetBlocker is typically installed for a good reason, and deleting it could be a wrong decision that leads to serious problems down the line. That’s why you should never remove BetBlocker from your device before you stop to think about all the possible consequences. To help you in this regard, we will try to explain what is likely to occur after you make this move.

Main Consequences of BetBlocker Uninstall

We already mentioned that BetBlocker is a unique app that controls your online behaviour. If you decide to continue without it, you might experience a range of outcomes, both positive and negative. Let’s take a moment to analyse what happens after you delete Bet Blocker.

  • Unrestricted Access to Betting Websites:
    Since there aren’t too many UK bookies without GamStop or BetBlock, you can dramatically expand the field of play by removing such apps from your devices. Freedom to enjoy full access to any gambling website you might fancy is certainly the primary reason why so many players want to delete self-exclusion apps.
  • More Payment Methods Are Open:
    Along with a wider choice of websites to play at, you gain more flexibility in terms of payment methods. Some offshore casinos only accept deposits using credit cards, which can be inconvenient if you are used to paying with PayPal. Thus, removing BetBlocker can help you save money and speed up transactions in both directions.
  • Control Over Your Device’s Settings:
    It can be a bit humiliating for an adult person not to have control over his own phone. The step of removing BetBlocker signifies regaining full independence of action, and this symbolic value is just as important as the practical benefits. When you can adjust phone settings at will and visit any website you want, you will feel more like yourself.
  • Access to Brands Licensed in the UK and Those Outside of It:
    Online gambling is a global industry, and it pays off to track offers from as many websites as possible. Some casino sites outside the UK have great bonus deals, but it’s even better to have a local alternative at the ready. At the very least, it’s a relief to stop worrying where a casino brand you like might be registered.
  • No Need to Use Your Documents While Gambling:
    Nobody likes bureaucracy, especially when you are just getting familiar with a new casino site. Many of the best no document verification casino sites are working under the UKGC umbrella and can’t be accessed while you are subscribed to BetBlocker. Reduced administrative burden is one of the overlooked consequences of terminating your relationship with BetBlocker.
  • Opportunity to Explore International Gambling Market:
    Lifting the restrictions from your device liberates you to search the web looking for interesting new gambling platforms. This is a great time for discovering worldwide casino sites with interactive features, and most of them have responsible gambling tools anyway, largely eliminating the need for the BetBlocker app.
  • Risk of Problematic Gambling:
    Without BetBlocker, players who exhibit problematic tendencies have one less obstacle to keep them from engaging in harmful actions. Some of them may be in the middle of a much-needed pause from gambling, and they may return to the old patterns once there is no block in place to prevent them from visiting casinos or sports betting sites.
  • Loss of Self-Exclusion Protection:
    Simply having a BetBlocker app on your phone represents an extra layer of protection you can activate if you notice things are starting to go downhill. It’s true that you can always download it again in case you really need to go on a sabbatical, but that requires strong willpower and clear thinking.
  • Negative Impact on Financial Health:
    Let’s be realistic – the house always wins over the long term. Playing too much isn’t good for your financial health, and if the removal of BetBlocker leads to a significant increase in the time you spend in online casinos, the financial windfall could be severe. That’s why you shouldn’t delete this app if your finances are shaky at the moment.

Alternative Guidance on How to Disable BetBlocker

In addition to the methods described above, you could try a few other tricks in order to disable BetBlocker and get full access to all online content. The following approaches might be worth trying in some scenarios.

  • Contact BetBlocker Support:
    In case you have a special reason to interrupt the self-exclusion program with BetBlocker, you can get in touch with their support team and state your reasons. Keep in mind they are unlikely to approve any such requests without compelling evidence that unblocking your access to gambling sites is really necessary.
  • Use a Different Device:
    Instead of uninstalling the BetBlocker software, you can simply switch to a device on which it has never been installed. This may be the easiest way of bypassing the restrictions, assuming you have a spare phone to use in this way. Having a dedicated phone for gambling makes a lot of sense if you have BetBlocker on a device you use for business.
  • Use a VPN or Proxy Server:
    While a VPN doesn’t grant you access to UK websites when you are blocked by BetBlocker, it gives you the possibility to play at online casinos that don’t normally accept British players. There are many VPN or proxy server solutions you can use for free, so this could be an elegant way to get around the restrictions.

How to Remove Other Gambling Blockers

Now that you learned how to uninstall Bet Blocker, we should turn our attention to similar self-exclusion tools for British players. GamStop and GamBan are two of the most prominent responsible gambling apps optimised for the UK market, and we have more detailed explanations of ways to remove these blockers as well.

How to Uninstall BetBlocker: Common Questions

How do I get rid of BetBlocker?

BetBlocker can’t be deactivated once you enter the self-exclusion program, and even if you delete the app from the phone or computer you still won’t be able to access any online gambling platforms that hold UKGC licences. The only way to really get rid of the ban is to wait out the specified period.

How to remove BetBlocker on Android?

Basically, you just need to delete BetBlocker from the phone, as if you would do with any other application. However, you will first have to revoke the admin rights this app automatically assumes on your device. We laid out all the steps in this process for both Android and iPhone owners in a previous section.

How do I uninstall BetBlocker on my desktop computer?

The procedure for uninstalling BetBlocker from a PC is very simple and doesn’t require any advanced technical knowledge. All you need to do is to find the application in Settings and remove it from your machine as you would do with any software. This action will clean up the app from that PC so it won’t bother you again.

Will uninstalling BetBlocker remove all blocking restrictions immediately?

No, uninstalling BetBlocker from your primary device doesn’t affect your current self-exclusion status. Even if you delete this app from all the digital devices you use, the registration in the system will remain and you will have to wait until the exclusion period comes to an end.

Are there any precautions I should take before uninstalling BetBlocker?

You should definitely consider the reasons for installing BetBlocker in the first place, as well as potential financial and social damage that could result from continued gambling. Contacting a close friend and asking him for help to keep your gambling habits in check is a good counterbalance to dropping BetBlocker as your protection.

Is uninstalling BetBlocker reversible?

As opposed to starting your self-exclusion, de-installation of the BetBlocker software can be reversed at any time. You can just reinstall the app to any device – there are no limits to how many times you can do this. Thus, if you start struggling without this app and decide you need it again, it will always be just a few clicks away.

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