How to Remove Gamban

how to remove gamban

Lots of our readers are reaching out with a simple question – how to bypass GamBan and play without restrictions? If you’re among them, welcome to our in-depth guide to bypassing GamBan restrictions on gambling sites.

List of Sites That Bypass Gamban

Before proceeding with the full suite of tips on how to stop Gamban, we’ll share a secret with you. It’s the first and most effective tip there is at the moment, and it’s so easy, it doesn’t need advanced tech know-how. Here goes: Gamban’s capabilities are limited, and it can’t block you out of all the digital gambling platforms operating in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, and the rest of the world. The following is a list of virtual casinos and bookies not on Gamban that you can join now without having to disable your self-exclusion software:

How to Get Around Gamban: Other Proven Tips

Apart from the tip above, we’ve got a few more proven tips that don’t require you to learn how to disable Gamban in order to play during your exclusion period. Workarounds aren’t things many of us self-excluding players are proud of, but certain situations call for them sometimes. One situation would be setting our self-exclusion duration longer than we should and not being able to reverse this mistake. Another situation would be wanting so badly to place a bet on our favourite sports team that’s playing whilst we’re on our self-imposed ban.

Use Another Device

If you really must end your self-exclusion prematurely, maybe because you think you’ve already sorted out your excessive-wagering issues, use another computing device. This way, you won’t have to exert any effort deactivating the Gamban tool, which can be tricky. So, if you only installed the bet-blocking software on your laptop or desktop, just take to your smartphone or tablet to visit the betting sites and apps that suit your fancy.

Wait for the Self-Exclusion Period to End

If you’re not comfortable breaking your self-exclusion vow, maybe because it’s your nature to keep your word or because you made the commitment for your loved ones’ sake, then don’t. Amidst your increasing urge to gamble, you can always try to remind yourself about the reasons for your temporary, semi-permanent, or permanent self-exclusion. Doing so isn’t going to be easy, but the hard work and show of willpower would most likely pay off sooner than later.

Make Use of VPN

You may bypass your installed self-exclusion tool by making use of a virtual private network (VPN). First-hand experience tells us that VPN can help you work round Gamban and other bet-blocking software. Be warned, however, that there are a few online casinos not on Gamban, eSportsbooks, and trading platforms that will deny you access through VPN. If you’re looking for VPN service, there’s a plethora of reputable providers on the Internet.

Signup with False Information

Another way to get around Gamban is by signing up with no verification betting sites and apps. There are myriads of such digital gambling platforms out there that don’t ask for personal details. But if you really want to play somewhere that requires verification, you could ask family members or friends to ‘lend’ their information and valid identification card to you. But only do this if you’ve got their go-ahead, or you could get into trouble.

Try Independent Betting Sites

One more way is to try out independent sports betting sites and apps, online casinos, or other digital platforms. These aren’t included in the databases of Gamban and similar bet-restricting tools, so you’re good to go. There are dozens of this sort that you could place your bets on, which makes you spoilt for choice even whilst you’re on self-restriction.

Ways to Get Around Gamban: Best Sites

One of the proven tips on how to get round Gamban that we’ve discussed earlier is to try the independent betting sites and apps available on the Internet. By ‘independent’, we largely mean the less-popular brands that can operate under the radar. These sites and apps may be so small, they don’t catch the attention of tech-based bet-blocking solutions and thus don’t get to be included in the databases containing restricted platforms. We’ve tested several of the digital wagering platforms that fall under the ‘independent’ category and found the following to be worth visiting:

Website Launch Year Rating
Magic Win 2022 4.8/5
Golden Lion 2023 4.9/5
Rolletto 2020 5/5
GoldenBet 2022 4.9/5
Mr Sloty 2020 4.7/5
magic win casino not on gamstop

Magic Win Casino

400% up to €2000 + 130 Free Spins

Visit Site

Magic Win Bookie is an online gambling platform that showcases a live casino and a sportsbook. To register, you won’t need to learn how to deactivate Gamban or whatever bet-blocking software you’re currently using. This fast-emerging site holds a licence from the government of Curacao, a country in the Caribbean.

Magic Win has a host of casino games, including baccarat, blackjack, and roulette. Its slots feature Batman Begins, Asian Beauty, Coins of Egypt, Sin City Nights, and Football Glory. Speaking of our beloved pastime, football, Magic Win’s sports-betting component gives you access to hundreds of betting markets across various leagues, using either the Euro or Asian View. The site also lets you place your bets on dozens of other traditional sports and eSports.

golden lion casino not on gamstop

Golden Lion Casino

400% Bonus + 100 Free Spins

Visit Site

Golden Lion Sportsbook is an online bookmaker that you can visit using your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or personal computer. You won’t need to ask anyone how to bypass Gamban because the bet-blocking software doesn’t detect this gambling platform. This licenced and regulated site was launched in mid-2020, with authority from the government of Curacao, a country in the Netherlands Antilles sub-region of the Caribbean.

Golden Lion has more than 200 gaming options from respected providers like Vivo, Rival, and Betsoft. It offers hefty welcome bonuses and promotions, and it holds slot tournaments regularly. This online casino, which may be viewed in English or French, has VIP packages for the most enthusiastic players amongst us. Some of the perks are daily cashback offers, birthday bonuses, and comp points that you may convert to real money.

rolletto sportsbook not on gamstop

Private: Rolletto Sportsbook

100% Sports Bonus

Visit Site

Rolletto Sportsbook is a digital gaming platform that’s been serving betting fanatics in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, and many other parts of the world since 2021. With its vibrant casino and sportsbook, many players think that it’s the best site to cancel Gamban or, at least, to get around it. Its owner and operator, Santeda International BV, is a Curacao-licensed establishment.

Rolletto hosts various casino games, and its most popular slots are 777 Strike, 9 Masks of Fire, Dead or Alive 2, Stick Bandits 3: Most Wanted, and The Finer Reels of Life. Its sportsbook, meanwhile, grants you access to a range of markets across dozens of traditional and virtual sports. The site may be viewed in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, Finnish, and Indian.

goldenbet casino not on gamstop

GoldenBet Casino

Casino Welcome Bonus Up To 500€

Visit Site

GoldenBet Sportsbook is a Curacao-licensed digital betting platform owned and operated by Santeda International BV. It’s a solution to the problem of Gamban removal that many players in the UK and other countries experience. The site features a sportsbook and live casino, and it offers generous bonuses and promotions. You may view the site in the English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), German, Norwegian, Swedish, or Russian language.

GoldenBet has a range of games, with slots including the popular All Ways Hot Fruits, Book of Santa, Dynamite Riches, Gates of Olympus, and Wanted Dead or a Wild. As a bookmaker, it lets you place your bets on different markets across more than two dozen traditional sports and eSports.

mr sloty casino not on gamstop

Mr Sloty Casino

400% up to € 2000 +135 free spins

Visit Site

Last but definitely not the least on today’s list of betting sites and apps that will help you get around Gamban is Mr Sloty Sportsbook. Both an online casino and a sportsbook, it’s been up and running since 2021 to amuse players from all over. The casino offers roulette and table games, amongst other types of games. Its most popular slots include Lucky New Year, A Christmas Carol, Hercules Son of Zeus, Aztec Gems Deluxe, and The Hand of Midas.

Mr Sloty’s bookmaker component, through its Euro and Asian views, showcases hundreds of markets across several traditional sports and eSports. The site is run by MRSL NV, which holds a licence from Curacao, a constituent of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

How to Uninstall Gamban on Android

Now, we’ll give you the lowdown on how to remove Gamban from android even before your exclusion time’s up. As we’ve said before, this software isn’t foolproof, and it doesn’t take rocket science to disable or uninstall it. However, it takes some effort to undo what you’ve downloaded from Google Play and enabled in the name of curbing your impulse betting. Here are six (6) steps to freedom from Gamban via Android:

  • Open the ‘Settings’ App on Your Android Device
    If you’re a new Android user, ‘Settings’ has that icon shaped like a cogwheel or a multi-petal flower. But if you’re having a hard time looking for the icon, just type ‘Settings’ in the search box. Once you’ve found it, open the app to begin the process of uninstalling Gamban.
  • Tap on the ‘Apps’ Option
    The ‘Apps’ option will show you every app installed on your Android device. The list may be long or short, depending on the number of apps you’ve downloaded. Here, you’ll most likely find apps that you didn’t download intentionally. They’re preloaded on Android, but Gamban shouldn’t be one of them.
  • Look for the Gamban App
    Inside ‘Apps’, scroll down until you find the Gamban app that you’ve installed and now want to delete from your device. Have a bit of patience when looking for the bet-blocking tool. As we’ve mentioned earlier, getting rid of Gamban can take some effort.
  • Tap the ‘Uninstall’ Icon, Then Hit the ‘OK’
    Once you’ve found Gamban, look for the ‘Uninstall’ icon and hit it. Be ready for reminders and warnings about the negative effects of disabling and deleting an app. Don’t mind these pieces of advice; Android just wants to make sure that you’re not removing Gamban by mistake.
  • If Steps 1-4 Don’t Work, Go to the Google Play Store App
    If Steps 1 to 4 aren’t effective in removing Gamban, try opening the Google Play Store app. Once in, tap your profile in the upper-right corner. Select ‘Manage Apps and Device’, then the ‘Manage’ tab. From the ‘Installed’ list, search for Gamban and tick the box beside it. Tap the ‘Delete’ icon, then ‘Uninstall’.

How to Remove Gamban from iPhone

If you’re looking to uninstall Gamban on iPhone because the bet-blocking app is making your device go awry, or you’ve found a better solution to your gambling problem, read on. But before doing that, know that we wish you the best in maintaining your high standards of responsible gaming. Wagering is a great way to keep ourselves amused, and it’s best experienced in moderation. Here are quick and easy steps to your Apple smartphone’s liberation from Gamban:

  • Go to Your Main Home Screen
    If you’re a fresh user of your new iPhone and keep forgetting how to exit the app you’re currently using to go back to the home page, swipe up from the screen’s bottom part. If this isn’t the primary home screen, again swipe up from the screen’s bottom part. This should make you return to the main home screen.
  • Touch the Gamban App
    On the home screen, look for the Gamban icon that you’ve been so eager to uninstall from your device. The icon takes an orange-on-grey colour scheme. It features a pair of charcoal-grey G’s (one being the mirror image of the other) in the burnt-orange circle that’s against a charcoal-grey background.
  • Tap ‘Remove’
    Once you’ve found the Gamban icon on your Home Screen, touch and hold it, doing the long press. Tap ‘Remove’ to do away with the app. Here, you’ll likely encounter two options, which are: 1) to keep Gamban in your App Library; or 2) delete it from your iPhone at last.
  • Tap ‘Delete App’
    If you’re bent on uninstalling the Gamban bet-blocking tool, hopefully for reasons that will make you feel good about yourself overall, tap ‘Delete App’. Wait for the uninstallation process to be completed. This isn’t the time to rejoice fully, though, since you need to be sure that Gamban has been wiped out of your device.
  • Check Your App Library
    Many of us tend to think that removing icons from the Home Screen is enough to discard unwanted apps. So, even if you’ve successfully removed the Gamban icon from your iPhone’s main page, still check your App Library. If the bet-blocking app continues to show, delete it from this section of your iPhone.
  • Delete Gamban from Your App Library
    Locate the Gamban app in your App Library and remove it. Doing this is similar to Step 1, which involves long-pressing the icon to get the ‘Delete’ option. Be reminded that uninstalling Gamban doesn’t automatically end your subscription. It’s best to cancel your paid plan first before casting Gamban out of your Apple system.

How to Remove Gamban from PC

If you’ve installed bet-blocking software in your desktop and laptop, and you wish to learn how to remove Gamban from Mac and Windows as soon as possible, keep reading. We tried as best we could to simplify the guide and not add to your exclusion-related stress and anxiety any more. You only need to take a few steps to free your computer from Gamban, and here they are:

  • For both Mac and Windows, Cancel Your Gamban Subscription
    As mentioned in the earlier sections, cancel your current Gamban plan and stop the recurring payments before uninstalling the software. Removing the app from your computer system doesn’t automatically free you from financial obligations to the Gamban company. As a friendly reminder, do this to avoid wasting money on unused software subscriptions.
  • For Mac, Go to ‘Applications’
    Open a ‘Finder’ window and select ‘Applications’ from the left-hand column. When you click on ‘Applications’, you should be able to view the gamut of icons representing the programmes in your computer. The Gamban icon has an orange circle on a charcoal-grey background. In the middle of the circle is a stylised ‘G’ facing its mirror image.
  • Locate the Gamban App and Drag It to the Trash Can
    Once you’ve found the Gamban icon, click on it. Drag it to the Trash Can icon that’s on the Dock at the bottom part of the screen. Check the Library folders for the so-called leftover files related to your Gamban software and subscription. You should also drag these to the Trash Can.
  • Empty the Trash Can
    Click on ‘Empty’ to be sure that the Gamban app and its associated files are gone forever. But before doing that, double-check the leftover files that you’re ready to let go of; they should all be related to Gamban. If any one of these files isn’t from Gamban, it could affect the programme that it’s intended to support.
  • For Windows, Go to the ‘Settings’
    Press the ‘Start’ key. Select ‘Settings’, then ‘Apps’, then ‘Apps & Features’. When you’re on ‘Apps & Features’, you should be able to see icons of the programmes contained in your computer. To locate Gamban fast, use the ‘Sort By’ feature for an alphabetical list of apps. Click on Gamban, then ‘Uninstall’.
  • Check the Control Panel
    Right-click the Taskbar at the bottom of your screen and go to Search. Enter ‘Control Panel’ and then select it from the search results. Next, select ‘Programs’, then ‘Programs and Features. Press and hold on the Gamban app that you’re looking to remove. Select ‘Uninstall’ and follow the directions that will be shown on the screen.

What if You Uninstall Gamban: Possible Consequences

It’s perfectly fine to have second thoughts about wanting to learn how to turn off Gamban and forget about it forever. Having reservations and apprehensions about deleting bet-blocking apps can happen to the best of us, particularly if we aren’t past our self-imposed exclusion period just yet. In case you’re wondering what the possible consequences of uninstalling Gamban are, here are four (4) that might have the hardest impact on the users:

  • Immediate Access to Gambling Sites
    If you uninstall Gamban, you’ll get to enter an abundance of gambling sites and apps instantly, then place a bet without GamStop or Gamban restrictions. You’ll be at liberty to access any and all digital betting platforms that are serving players in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and other parts of the world. For perspective, there are more than 75,000 licensed platforms on the planet, and counting.
  • Risk of Relapse for Problem Gamblers
    Uninstalling Gamban increases the risk of relapse amongst players with gambling problems. If you purchased this bet-blocking tool because you wanted to resolve your excessive-betting issues, ending its use prematurely would defeat the purpose of curbing your gambling impulse. It would also have wasted your subscription money. But if you’re past exclusion, and you believe that you’re cured of your wagering addiction, deleting the app from your computer, tablet, or smartphone is all right.
  • Psychological Impact
    The removal of the Gamban app from your device could affect you mentally and emotionally. It could make you feel guilty for breaking your commitment to cut back on your wagering habits or quit them altogether. We’ve heard of some former Gamban users who would slip into depression when they decided to delete the app and return to their uncontrolled wagering activities. It’s best to take caution then.
  • Financial Implications
    Should you feel like removing Gamban or other bet-blocking tools from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop, think about money matters first. Try to recall how gambling had affected your finances before you subscribed to the app. In the UK, many players decide to go on self-exclusion after realising that they’ve gambled more than they can afford.

Getting Around Other Self Exclusion Systems

Apart from getting requests for tips on how to cancel Gamban, we’re also being asked by players in the UK how to get round other self-exclusion systems and schemes. In particular, they’re looking for ways to stop their involvement with GamStop and GamCare. Here are quick answers to questions about GamStop and GamCare:

  • GamStop
    GamStop is the national self-exclusion registry of players who voluntarily want themselves barred from UK Gambling Commission-licensed digital betting platforms. If you’ve joined the GamStop network, and you want to get around GamStop to return to gambling, either wait until your exclusion period is over, or enter non-GamStop online casinos and sportsbooks. There are only a few hundred operators on the GamStop list, against 75,000-plus gambling sites and apps on the World Wide Web.
  • GamCare
    In a sense, GamCare is an exclusion scheme because it offers players an opportunity to discuss their gambling problem with Advisers via phone or live chat. It’s a support system that sees the users through their journey away from betting excessively. If you’ve taken the initiative to join the GamCare network, and you believe that you’ve regained control of your life, simply tell your Advisers. If this courtesy proves to be cumbersome, just opt out of the service.
  • BetStop
    We’re touching on how to get around BetStop because it concerns gamblers residing in Australia. The BetStop population includes travellers originally from the UK. If you haven’t heard about it yet, BetStop is Australia’s version of GamStop. And if you’re part of the BetStop national register looking for a way to bypass it, try accessing eSportsbooks or online casinos that don’t hold an Australian Communications and Media Authority authorisation.

How to Delete Gamban: FAQ

Can you uninstall Gamban?

Yes, but be advised that uninstalling Gamban can be more challenging than maintaining your willpower to abstain from placing bets. Note as well that the Gamban technical support team will not help you do this. It’s their company’s way of upholding the gaming and amusement industry’s standards of responsible gambling, and making sure that you’re safe from the risks of gambling addiction.

Why would someone want to delete Gamban?

There are countless reasons why Gamban users want to remove Gamban from their devices. One is believing that they’ve come off their gambling addiction for real. Another is thinking that installing the software has caused their device to malfunction, making their lives difficult. Still another is feeling that this tool isn’t effective at all and that there are better ways to deal with their wagering urges.

Can I temporarily disable Gamban instead of deleting it?

Yes. Gamban is a paid service that only runs when you purchase a monthly or annual subscription plan. When you stop making the recurring bill payments, Gamban will also cease to cater to your exclusion needs. But if it’s about disabling the software during your exclusion period, or whilst you’re subscribed, the company won’t do the disabling for you. You’ll have to work this out yourself.

How do I delete Gamban from my computer?

The ways to delete Gamban may vary from one device type to another, and from one operating system to another. For Windows and Mac run devices, it’s basically going to ‘Apps’ (for Windows) or ‘Applications’ (for Mac) to get ‘Uninstall’ prompts. One thing to remember is that most computers will check if you have admin rights and the authority to delete programmes from your device.

Is it easy to reinstall Gamban if I change my mind?

Yes. Gamban is designed to support you in your journey away from your unpleasant gambling habits, especially if your betting lifestyle has affected you physiologically, psychologically, socially, and financially. It’s thus easier to reinstall it across all your devices than to remove it from even just one. If you’ve successfully removed the software from your system and want to get it back but are having a hard time, contact the company’s help desk for directions.

Who can I contact for support if I have trouble deleting Gamban?

If you have trouble deleting Gamban from your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, you’ll have to do your own research or ask experts to help you. There are plenty of tech-savvy people who may be able to come to your aid. You won’t be able to get Gamban’s official customer support team to uninstall or remove the application from your device. It’s the company’s policy not to assist you with this particular matter.