How We Review Casinos

Delivering objective and proper reviews of gambling platforms is our site’s main service. Part of this initiative is engaging readers the world over, including betting enthusiasts in the United Kingdom, in conversations that reflect the vibrancy of the gaming and amusement industry. In these discussions, we often get asked about how we rate sites and apps like the eSportsbooks and online casinos not signed up to GamStop or other national exclusion registers.

To answer the question about our review process, we use the method we’ve developed over time to help us arrive at our conclusions efficiently, effectively, and with fairness. This method has evolved into an in-depth scoring system that involves a range of variables to make our assessment and evaluation more accurate for the readers’ benefit. Whilst we can’t disclose our review process in its entirety, we’ll discuss the key points in the overview below in the interest of transparency.

Factors Influencing Our Review Process

Our service of reviewing digital wagering platforms results from comprehensive, independent research that involves a series of background and fact checks, verification and validation tasks, testing and re-testing. Although it may sound tedious, our review process always offers excitement because we get to use the sites and apps ourselves, especially to compare our experience with that of others. If we didn’t play and place our bets on the featured virtual casinos and sportsbooks, we wouldn’t be able to deliver genuine casino reviews and ratings now, would we? Besides the fun factor, here are other important factors in our evaluation:

Privacy Policy & Website SSL

Ourselves security conscious, we kick off our research by checking if the site has a valid Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption certificate. To make this sound less complicated, SSL is the encryption security protocol used to ensure the safety of data exchanges between digital betting platforms and players. Moreover, we read the Privacy Policy and other legal notices thoroughly, in order to understand how gambling operators protect players from potential data-collection and account-processing breaches.

Licensing Status and Regulatory Compliance

After reading the legal notices, we look into the legitimacy of the online casinos’ or eSportsbooks’ existence as providers of gaming and amusement services. In the UK, for example, there are independent casino sites and sportsbook apps that aren’t licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. It doesn’t mean that they’re illicit and non-compliant. They’re legitimate by all means, particularly if they’re licensed and regulated by other governments’ overseers, such as the Republic of Malta’s Gaming Authority and the Country of Curacao’s eGaming authority.

Credibility & Reputation of the Software Providers

Apart from looking into the legitimacy of the digital betting platforms themselves, we also investigate the credibility and reputation of the software providers that supply the games. Given our team’s decades of combined experience as betting enthusiasts, we can tell which ones comply with national and international laws, conform to industry standards, and promote fair play. We also check whether their gaming and amusement solutions have passed audits, then double-check their certifications. In doing so, we’re able to differentiate the trustworthy software providers from the rogue ones.

Fairness of Terms and Conditions

It isn’t only reading the legal documents that we do, for us to deliver accurate reviews and ratings. We also get a feel for the digital betting platforms’ offerings ourselves, playing and placing our bets here to prove or disprove the fairness of their Terms and Conditions. We can’t rely too much on second-hand information because the positive and negative feedback appearing everywhere on the World Wide Web might have been paid promotion or criticism. We do consider other players’ views on the featured sites, but we verify and validate them first.

Range of Deposit & Withdrawal Options

A factor that also affects the outcome of our reviews is the range of deposit and withdrawal options provided by credit cards casino sites and other platform types. Our guidepost is, ‘The more payment and payout methods, the better!’ This is especially so if we’re trying to factor in cryptocurrency, which many players prefer using. But this doesn’t always mean that those with limited deposit and withdrawal options won’t pass muster; each one can have other merits, too.

Live Chat, Email Support, and Multilingual Support

Another factor that has an impact on our review-and-rating process is the availability of live chat, phone, and email support. We give more points to online casinos and eSportsbooks that have a full suite of ‘Customer Care’ services, including real-time interaction with players seeking immediate response to their concerns. Moreover, we also favour platforms with multilingual support. This is because we have in mind a lot of friends in the UK who, as migrants, may not be able to communicate their gambling-related issues well in English.

Responsible Gambling and Player Protection

What we consider our top priority and primary goal in delivering reviews is player protection and the opportunity to remind players to wager within responsible gambling standards at all times. We can’t emphasise enough that gaming and amusement is good, but if this turns into gambling addiction, it’s bad. In the UK alone, there are about 3 million people who are either already or at risk of being harmed by their excessive-betting lifestyle. This figure doesn’t include their family members who are likewise affected psychologically, socially, and financially.

User Feedback & Reviews

We did say earlier that we factor in other players’ views on the casino and sportsbook sites and apps that we feature. When we receive emails from all corners of Great Britain, Northern Ireland, and elsewhere in the world, we sift through opinions and narratives, then verify and validate them going forward. Doing so could be tricky, but having to judge whether or not the qualitative statements are honestly written is the proper thing to do. It’s for the benefit of our global audiences, after all.

Criteria for Casino Reputation Assessment

We head over to the criteria we use for assessing and evaluating the reputation of casinos on our list, to show you how we rate a brand and its operator. We’ve explained before that other players’ authentic, honest feedback does give weight to our ratings and reviews, especially in the areas of reception and popularity. But users’ perceptions and experiences are only part of our grading system. We also take into account how the gambling industry itself recognises these establishments, plus how these establishments respond to the industry stakeholders. Here’s the rationale for each criterion on our casino-reputation assessment:

Online Reviews

The first criterion for our casino-reputation assessment involves scouring the World Wide Web for player ratings and reviews. We believe this is important because they’re indicators of how well received and popular the sites and apps are amongst players in the UK and abroad. Do note, however, that we only consider feedback from independent, established, and reputable ratings-and-reviews platforms. By ‘established’, we mean that they’re proven to have strict verification and validation mechanisms in place.

Industry Awards

Our second reputation-assessment criterion involves checking the listed casinos for any and all industry awards. This is crucial because tokens of recognition from the gambling industry’s award-giving bodies add to the credibility, reliability, and trustworthiness of the sites and apps that we’re rating and reviewing. These tokens speak volumes about the gambling establishments, and they’re definitely welcome additions to the licences, authorisations, and audit certifications that the brands and their operators receive from government agencies.

Player Feedback

Our third reputation-assessment criterion is similar to the first, since we’re convinced that player feedback is a vital indicator of reception and popularity. Here, we check and double-check the quality and truthfulness of the statements from casino users near and far. We blend our critical-thinking skills with our tech capabilities, using state-of-the-art tools, to separate the authentic input from the bogus. Doing so helps us give an accurate presentation of facts, figures, and real-world experiences.

History of Disputes

Our fourth reputation-assessment criterion could be a dealbreaker, and it does affect our ranking seriously. To us, the listed casinos’ history of disputes is essential in differentiating between popularity and infamy, and this is why we monitor the establishments’ activity closely. We thus grade the digital betting platforms for their responsiveness and willingness to resolve disputes, and we also try to spot glitches in their system and attempts to defraud players.

Casino Testing Methodology: Our Steps

In this section, we’ll tell you how we put each casino to the test and give readers our final evaluation and scoring. One thing to note is that our testing methodology applies to all noteworthy establishments operating in the European, Australian, Asian, African, South American, and North American continents. It thus includes brands and operators licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, the government body overseeing the country’s hyperactive £1,500 million gambling industry. Below are the steps we take to evaluate the casinos on our list:

  1. Initial Research and Background Check
    Whenever there are digital betting platforms that warrant our attention, or have caught the eye of our readers, we visit them as soon as possible. In our cursory inspection, we note the platforms’ overall design that’s made up of their aesthetic, user-impact, and compliance attributes. Our years of experience will help us tell, in a matter of seconds, if a platform can offer players value for their money and time. In any case, we proceed with our background checks on the company that’s running it.
  2. Gathering Player Feedback and Reviews
    After confirming the legitimacy and trustworthiness of the company that’s running the casino we’re featuring, we start gathering player ratings, reviews, and feedback. The insights come from both online and offline sources to make our evaluation balanced. But more than collecting and processing second-hand information, our team will sign up and play here to get first-hand experience. This is for us to have a solid basis for our conclusion, all whilst having fun!
  3. Review of All Features with Our Criteria
    Using our standards for assessing casino attractiveness, accessibility, usability, reputation, and regulatory compliance, we evaluate the legal notices and operator credentials that the platform should contain. We then review all the platform features, picking our favourite games and testing our preferred payment and payout options in the process. We also check out the bonuses and promotions. Afterwards, we grade the customer service agents’ knowledgeability and responsiveness, then compare our observations with the feedback we’ve gathered earlier.
  4. Final Evaluation and Scoring
    Combining our human analytical skills with the latest evaluation tools, we check and counter-check our findings, compute the score, and finalise our evaluation. The process doesn’t end here; in fact, this is only where we get to start drafting our report. Once done, we send the draft over to our fact-checking and editorial departments for another round of verification and validation. When all has been revised and refined, we post our rating and review in hopes of benefiting you and the rest of our readership.

About Our Casino Review Team

Although we’ve already explained our comprehensive set of criteria for judging digital betting platforms, we feel that we owe it to you to say something about our casino review team. What we are, generally speaking, are a small community of betting enthusiasts who spend much of their playing time on online casinos and virtual bookmakers. Besides being passionate about the gambling industry, we’ve got research, editorial, information technology, and people skills that have been honed over time.

Headed by our principal author Dan Dawkins and assisted by our content manager, our team consists of researchers, fact-checkers, writers, editors, and proofreaders. Each of us has been in the business for at least five fortuitous and fruitful years, and we have several decades worth of combined professional and player experience. We’re also long-time advocates of responsible gambling, safer gaming, and fair play, which is what makes our rating-and-review service an utter pleasure.

Proofs of Our Expertise

We’re happy to prove our expertise further, to satisfy readers who want to know more about our authority in rating and reviewing betting establishments. We make special mention of the new players from England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland who wish to try wagering online but want to proceed with caution. There are a lot of them reaching out, eager to know why they should believe us and how they can play regularly without putting themselves at risk of gambling harm. For everybody’s peace of mind, here’s what we’ve accomplished thus far:

Industry Experience

Each member of our team has more than half a decade of experience playing at casinos and placing bets with bookmakers, be they bricks-and-mortar or virtual establishments. Each of us also has 5-plus years of experience as a professional researcher, journalist, and reviewer in the gambling niche. Collectively, we may be seen as a solid feature of the ever-evolving global gaming and amusement landscape.

Casino Review History

As a team, we’ve published a good number of accurate, unbiased, and comprehensive reviews on casinos and bookies. Our work includes reviews on betting sites and apps that aren’t part of the GamStop self-exclusion scheme. We’ve also written about GamStop itself, as well as the non-profits supporting the network. You may want to check out our archive of reviews or visit independent platforms where players have rated us.

Continuous Learning

We can safely classify ourselves as direct stakeholders of the gambling industry, player-wise and professionally. As such, and as a proactive part of the grand scheme of global gaming and amusement things, we support continuous learning. We participate in training programmes, Webinars, and other events to keep us abreast of the latest guidelines, products, and services relating to the gambling industry.

Personal Casino Experience

We can’t be authentically authoritative and expert-sounding without ourselves trying our hand at the betting platforms. So, to bring you and the rest of our audience honest-to-goodness ratings and reviews, we actually register as bona fide players and deposit real money. This is for us to get first-hand experience, understand each and every feature, and see if the operators are being true to their promises.

What If a Casino Isn’t Fair?

That’s a good question: ‘What if the casino isn’t fair?’ If you come across a gambling site or app that you think is a rogue establishment and doesn’t play fair, you’ve got several options to deal with the situation. First is to define what’s fair in the first place, and see if you’ve missed reading the fine print in the legal notices. Second is to contact customer support for clarification. Third is to find organisations that could help you confirm your suspicion and lodge your complaint with the authorities. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Check the Casino’s Terms & Conditions

Many of us are so excited to play that we forget to read the terms & conditions of the casinos and sportsbooks before depositing money. As a result, we lose our funds and become frustrated. To avoid being in such an unpleasant situation, we recommend reading the T&Cs, including specific policies that explain prohibited player practices and address disputes.

Reach Out to Customer Support

If you have specific questions about unfair practices, or if you want to raise platform-related concerns, you may reach out to the customer-support team. The agents should be able to answer your questions and help sort out issues pertaining to your account. Remember, though, that not all casinos and sportsbooks have a live phone, chat, or email support team to accommodate you in real time.

Provide Necessary Documentation

When you reach out to customer support because you feel that the platform isn’t being fair, be prepared to prove that you’re in the right. Disputes usually arise from not being able to withdraw winnings due to unverified player identity; thus, be ready to provide the site’s or app’s representative with the necessary documentation. Acceptable documents include your valid identity card and driving licence.

If Nothing Helped, Please Contact Us

If none of the options above have resolved your issue, you may lodge a complaint with the government body overseeing the platform in question. You may also share your story and evidence with us, and we’ll try our best to investigate the matter. If we think that your findings are correct, we’ll delete the establishment from our list. We’ll also inform our contemporaries in the gambling industry, so they can blacklist it, too.

Casino Reviews: FAQ

Can I trust your casino sites review?

Absolutely! You can trust our reviews and ratings because our team’s unbiased evaluation of each and every gambling site or app isn’t only based on meticulous research. It’s also a result of our vast industry knowledge, plus years of experience as professional casino-site reviewers. Moreover, as seasoned betting fans, we know which features work and which ones don’t.

What to do if I have some issues with the casino on

If you have issues with any casino that’s featured on, don’t hesitate to contact us via the email address listed on the site. In your message, please explain your concern and why you’re raising it. We’ll do the best we can to help you address it. If you think that the casino’s name should be removed from our Webpages, tell us about your experience, and we’ll investigate the matter.

What factors do you consider when reviewing a casino?

Several factors come into play when we review a casino or another type of gambling platform. These include site security, licensing status, regulatory compliance, privacy policy, fairness of terms and conditions, and range of deposit and withdrawal options. We also take into consideration the presence of an active help desk and multilingual support, respect for responsible-gambling principles, and the reputation of both the operator and the software providers.

How do you evaluate a casino’s security measures?

We evaluate a casino’s security measures with a series of steps. The first one, which you may want to try yourself, is to check the site’s URL (or ‘uniform resource locator’). If it begins with ‘https’, not ‘http’, the site has a valid certification that relates to secure data exchanges between the casino and its players. Other steps follow, including spotting red flags in the site’s privacy policy.

What role does a casino’s reputation play in your review?

Casino reputation plays a crucial role in our review process because it speaks of the gambling establishments’ efforts to maintain their credibility and trustworthiness. When taking a casino reputation into account, we look beyond the popularity and user-perception scores. We examine how committed they are to responding to the players’ needs, conforming to responsible-gambling and safer-gaming standards, and complying with all applicable laws.

Do you update your reviews?

Yes, we update our reviews regularly because we’re aware that the gambling industry is ever evolving. Our updates usually involve policy changes and new game offerings. However, we may also change our evaluation based on the latest developments within a particular establishment. Changes may be for the better or for the worse, depending on the current situation. What’s constant is our accurate, comprehensive, and objective review-and-rating service.