Rugby Betting Not On GamStop

rugby not on gamstop

Rugby is one of the most popular sports in the UK and the favourite among our reviewing team’s members! Because of its popularity, many online platforms cater to gamblers, too. While British bookies are under the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, did you know there are rugby sport sites not on GamStop as well?

In this article, we’ll not only present you with the best rugby bookmakers with no GamStop but also explain our thorough checks, the criteria we use to decide, and many other considerations. After reading it, you’ll also be an expert on rugby not on GamStop. We’ll also include some common questions, pros and cons, and answers to your most common questions related to online sports betting sites without GamStop.

List of Rugby Betting Sites Not On GamStop

What We Examine in Rugby Sites Not On GamStop

Simply cherry-picking a rugby bookmaker without GamStop as the best isn’t something we do. We consider several parameters to provide you with a fair, truthful assessment. Below is a list of the most important points we consider for any review.

It’s only if a bookmaker passes the checks that we consider it to be listed as one of the best. This way, we can assure you the best information around.

GamStop Players Acceptance

This is the first point to consider. After all, we’re discussing rugby sites that allow you to play even if you’re enrolled in GamStop. This means that every choice is checked to comply with this aspect, no matter how good. We move on to the subsequent checks only when a bookmaker fulfils this requirement.

Website Bonus Deals

A great attractor for prospective customers is bonuses. This is a double-edged sword, as it can be an outstanding promotion that offers value or just a marketing tactic with little substance. We check the bet offers, including wagering requirements and the minimum deposit needed, among other issues.

Payment Options Offered

Being one of the many credit card betting sites isn’t spectacular nowadays. A modern website should offer plenty of payment choices, including credit cards, but not limited to them.

We also check a payment safety. This is important because you need a reliable and trustworthy platform to proceed with payments, given the many dangers of hacking and online scams.


Just because a website doesn’t have a UKGC licence, it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have any. There are, for instance, Curacao sports betting sites registered with that government and other similar regulating bodies worldwide.

Being licenced means the site has been checked to comply with all local regulations, even though there might be some differences compared to UKGC parameters.

Other Quality UK Rugby Sites Without GamStop

other rugby websites without gamstop

Plenty of rugby sportsbooks not covered by GamStop aren’t right there with the best but are solid choices, nevertheless. They all comply with most of what we consider a “good” betting website and are safe.

If you want to try them out, you’ll have a good experience, not too different from the best.

British Rugby Bookmakers Not On GamStop: Overview

We discovered some interesting stuff when checking rugby betting operators not on GamStop. From this, we compiled a table with an overview of what you can expect from most of them. It turns out that there are some similarities when it comes to licences, promotions, and other aspects.

General Information Of Rugby Sites Not On GamStop
Payment Methods Credit Cards, Cryptocurrencies, E-Wallets
Reliability Yes
Betting Promotions Free Bets, Deposit, Event-Specific
Licences for Betting Sites MGA, Curacao
Withdrawal Time 0-3 Days
Best Rugby Betting Site Rolletto

More Information About Rugby Betting Sites Outside GamStop

Wait, there’s more! From our research, we found some salient points that need to be discussed. This is because online rugby websites not on GamStop may have their pros, but that doesn’t mean everything is perfect.

Rugby International Tournaments

Because these are international betting websites, they aim for a broader audience than their UKGC-licensed counterparts. This is a bonus feature for you as a gambler interested in international events since they are regularly covered.

Of course, because the UK is a rugby superpower, local events are also available, making it a win-win situation.

Many New Betting Providers

If you decide to give new non GamStop betting sites a chance, you’ll discover a world of possibilities. Since you can access many more websites, you can look at what each one offers and find the one most suitable for you.

You’ll also get to know new operators from abroad, including trends and features that local bookmakers might miss.

No Verification

One of the critical aspects of the bookmakers in this article is that they’re sports betting sites without ID verification. The main advantage of it is that you can jump straight into the action without any waiting period.

It’s also convenient for privacy-conscious people who wouldn’t want to submit their personal information to third parties.

No Regulation By UK Gambling Commission

Because these are non-UK online sportsbooks, they aren’t regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. This is good news for people who might disagree with certain impositions by the commission mentioned above and find regulations abroad more flexible. It’s also useful if you’re self-excluded on GamStop and want to place some bets regardless.

Problem Gamblers Facing a Greater Risk

Not being licensed by the UKGC has its dangers, too. It goes without saying that if you’re on GamStop or other programs, you have, at the very least, a perceived gambling issue. Being able to gamble unrestrictedly can be risky in such situations.vAlways consider your situation carefully and seek help if needed.

Not Following Self-Exclusion

With these non GamCare betting sites, you are effectively bypassing any self-exclusion programs in the UK. As mentioned above, this is dangerous for gamblers with issues, and it can become a problem for people with potential issues, too. However, it’s essential to notice many of these platforms do have self-exclusion programs and other responsible gambling tools.

Alternative Sports to Rugby Sportsbooks not with GamStop

When you’re a rugby bookie not on GamStop, it would be pointless to dedicate yourself exclusively to rugby events and miss out on other popular sports. This is good for you as a punter, too, as you have many alternatives to rugby if you ever want to try something else. Your most usual choices are:

This is another interesting bit of information. Regarding rugby sports bookies not linked to GamStop, what are the most popular events and tournaments for gamblers? Are they the same as in the UK-based websites? Below, you’ll find what we discovered during our research to be the top choices for most gamblers:

  • The Rugby Championship
    This rugby union is formed with the top national teams in the Southern Hemisphere. They are Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. These teams are among the top in the world, making the proposition interesting for anyone.
  • World Cup of Rugby
    Similarly to the Football World Cup, this tournament is a faceoff between qualified national teams across the globe. It’s perhaps the most famous rugby event in the world, as the winning team gets crowned as the world champion.
  • Men’s Six Nations Championship
    Much like the Rugby Championship, this tournament is an annual rugby union, including top teams in the Northern Hemisphere. They are England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales. It’s been running since 1883.
  • Women’s Six Nations Championship
    This is the exact same competition as the previous one, except women from England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales meet on the pitch to decide which country’s the best of the year.

Non GamStop Rugby Betting Sites: FAQ

What are rugby betting sites not on GamStop?

These are gambling platforms that the UKGC doesn’t regulate. It means that they’re outside of the sphere of GamStop as well. You can bet freely on such platforms. Of course, it’s vital to choose safely, using sites regulated by bodies other than the UKGC, such as MGA, Curacao, etc.

Can I still use rugby betting websites despite being self-excluded?

Yes. Because your self-exclusion is registered at GamStop or similar programs in the UK, they don’t apply abroad. Using our reviewed websites, you can bet regardless of your standing with such programs. However, you won’t be able to gamble on UK websites that are properly licensed with the UKGC.

What are the benefits of betting on rugby not on GamStop?

You can read our article to find out the details, but, in short, some benefits go beyond “bypassing” GamStop. These are appropriately licensed international sites and offer a distinctive experience. You can find matches from all over the world, there’s generally no ID verification, and you might find better odds, bonuses and deals.

What types of rugby bets can I put at a non GamStop sportsbook?

It depends on each sportsbook, as they all have different choices and events in themselves. At the very least, they all allow you to bet on match results. Then, various options such as both teams to score, odd/even goals, highest scoring half and many others. By clicking on an event, you’ll find all the available bets.

What is the best non GamStop rugby betting site?

According to our experience, Roletto is the best one so far for rugby enthusiasts. This straightforward platform has a clean, white interface and many betting options. Plenty of bonuses, match animations and many other features make it stand out. Still, you might prefer others better, so we recommend you look at them all to pick your favourite.